Telling people Father is in home

My mobile rings and there is a lady with disguised hostility and aggression in her voice asking me where is my father. Then she asks to speaks to someone else. Sorry it's only me. I think it that my father or am I a paid worker. Well she goes one about their connection and how she knew me when I was like a teenager.  Okay - not top of the list to ring around people since that means going through father's stuff. Too emotional at this state and it's pure dudgery. I did ring those who had left messages and notes.

Okay as I calm down I think she probably worked herself into a state of courage to ring me. Not sure why - well probably because I've stopped talking to my aunt who just likes to lament and lament and lament and lament but in fairness is just off loading the guilt of not seeing her kin. 

I think as I put down the phone I vaguely recall her daughter but it's over twenty-five years ago. Anyway I give her the details of the home at which I notice she'd calmed down. Probably heard lots of things - well frankly I couldn't careless.

I just ask that they ring before visiting so at least Father looks his best. I mean in the western world people do call before visiting. A barrage of questions are thrown at me so I tell her - he can't go to the phone because of the stroke he can't speak at which time I feel like crying and all the emotions well up inside again at poor father in this state.

Does one really have to go through this every time? Oh well I did some of the rounds I'd be meaning to do and just left messages on voicemail or with whom ever picked the phone. I have one more call to make to the US.