R&B Divas Season 1 Episode 7: Nicci's Curvato, Faith's hair gel and beaming Brandy (Nicci's baby girl) keep it going. Terez acts shy and Keke lays down vocals for Avant's track.

Dear Readers, I apologise for the lateness and delay in writing this.  It's very busy at my work and I also attend a college course, hence the delay. So apologies again.

R&B Divas - no cat-fights, no ratchetness (apart from the promoter) and not bitching - this show was nearly one long yawn yet again. However I see a lot of suppressed anger in the show and I feel the girls are not being true. Come on, who doesn't bitch about other people? I'm not as bad as Evelyn Lozada or Tami but when I get angry I'm Ghetto 101. Don't get me wrong I like positive reality shows but I also like them to realistic, real and keeping it 100 percent.

Actually worse it was an hour long infomercial, commercial and advert for Faith Evan's hair gel and Nicci Glibert's Curvato clothing line . I do like to celebrate other people's successes but this was just plain advertising. More Nicci than Faith though each one was plugging a line.Sorry guys One TV is so late with their updates I can't give you a name to Faith's hair product.

Nicci in Kitchen with Brandy

Another staged and fake scene starring Madam Nicci Glibert. Nicci is in the kitchen asking Brandy her daughter what exactly is she doing regarding work. Cue - a new issue - teenager or young unemployed adult issue.

This issue is so all the mothers with lazy unemployed grown children can relate. Brandy, sweet girl, plays her part and gives some silly line about job hunting for all of three weeks.  We are not told what exactly Brandy is qualified to do - high school diploma, college graduate or just a lazy bum? Just that the honey child is looking for a job.

Nicci then asks Brandy what does she want to do (as in career). Brandy tells her exactly what most girls want - she wants to work in fashion. At which point, surprise, surprise Nicci has an opening for an intern. She tells the girl she needs to work hard and should expect no favours. At first Brandy thinks she is going be a model to walking the catwalk runway but Nicci is no so Brandy decides to be a stylist.

At the same time I get to know there is a New York fashion week for fat chicks.   Wow! I thought skinnies and fatties all did the same New York Fashion Week but apparently not. Seems strange but we find out that Nicci's line has been invited to take part in the Full Figure New York Fashion week.

Without shade, it does make sense because fashion week is primarily for store buyers and those who get stuff straight off the catwalk. Anyway within a twinkle of the eye, Brandy gets a job which she is passionate about.

Hair Gel and Faith Evans.

Faith is launching a new hair gel.

Yawn, I'm not one for brands on hair products. I just use whatever is okay within my price range. Not much you can say about hair gel to be honest. It's a bit like hair conditioner or shampoo. However I'm on the look for a good relaxer.

Faith and her hair dresser business partner toss to their new venture of hair gel.  


Team Nicci Gilbert Operation Curvato.

Nicci sits down with her new team - Brandy and Jakeem.

Brandy is all dolled and made up for the camera with some supercool earring looking really bored. We know she'd be rather hanging out with her friends but hey - mama said she needed to do this to inspire and motivate other lazy unemployed teens/young adults.

 Nicci's personal assistant Jakeem just looks confused. I think is another staged scene.
Anyway a good five minutes of our time is wasted watching these young kids (Brandy and Jakeem) who'd rather be on facebook or twitter, getting Nicci's event's dates mixed up. Even now I'm not sure Brandy and Jakeem totally got the what date the Curves and Cocktails reception was on and what day the actual fashion show was. Who cares really?

Shining star Brandy with Team Nicci Gilbert Operation Curvato.

At first Nicci is excited about doing her first fitting as a designer but you know Nicci can't be too happy for long without finding something wrong. So...

 Nicci does her fitting as is complaining as usual about something. This time it's the size of the models. They are too slim. She wanted heavy thick set mamas. She moans about how tiny their waist's and shoulders are.
 This I think is for cameras as well because in the world of fashion there are sample sizes. Even for plus size models there will be a sample size  (sample size just means sample) - so I think this is just for the cameras. Nicci proceeds to stuff out the model's shoulders with tissue paper - I think she send Brandy to toilet to get them.

 Nothing really happens apart from how after moaning Nicci tells us how talented and hard working Brandy. I like Brandy but it was too much. However if your mother can't sing your praises who can?

Shining star Brandy does issues with Akemi

Brandy to help out Mummy Nicci's show decides to do her own issues. What a trooper! So she meets up with Akemi (Monifah's daughter) for some girly chat.

After talking about fashion, college and normal girly stuff,  Brandy suddenly remembers she needs to do the issues - parts. So out of the blue she comes out she wants to do a non-profit organisation for kids/young adults with issues. There is Nicci doing a voice-over saying she hopes both Akemi and Brandy will bond.

Okay.  Akemi and probably the rest of us think where is this going. It just seemed random - then she goes on to say Nicci is her adopted mum but really her cousin. (Great job Nicci- really kind to do that) She brought her up as her own since her own mother was a drug addict and alcoholic - hmmm... uncomfortable moment because we all know so was Monifah. Are these two young women going to bond over issues? I hope not. I hope it's because they really get along. Akemi doesn't say much and seems she is not really with this conversation.

Fair play to Akemi -  her mother Monifah goes on blast about her lifestyle and now some other chick wants to bond over issues when Akemi probably just wants to get on with her life.

Full Figure Fashion Week meet up.

Nicci with her new fashion assistant Brandy meets up with two of full figure fashion organisers to discuss boring stuff.

There Nicci finds out about Syleena and the promoter Kim on face book. Nicci blames Syleena saying she's never had a problem with Kim. Well would you take on Nicci? No and I doubt Kim would. Syleena is softer and less organised or mouthy than Nicci.

40/40 - Nicci Gilbert is disrespectful and picks on Syleena

The girls without Micheal meet up in Jay-z's bar and  they all go on a massive congratulations trip to Nicci who tells them all about how great her brand Cruvato is. Also how brilliant Brandy is and how she has flair for all things fashion - I that was it. Not too sure so I might be making that up.

At some point Faith Evans offers to take Brandy to see some stylist who did Bad Boys artists but now owns her fashion school. I'm like why can't Brandy apply to go to a proper college to study fashion? You know - like one based on her GPA. It looks like Faith Evans is just promoting her friend's school.

Anyway Nicci goes on to discuss the promoter saying it was wrong what Syleena did. I'm surprised at Nicci. Syleena is an adult and Nicci has no right to talk to Syleena like that. It's disrespectful and I don't think Nicci sees herself.  I don't care if Nicci is the technically Syleena's boss on the show - you know as executive producer. She only talks to Syleena like that because she can - I haven't heard her speaking to Faith Evans like that. Syleena is swallowing a lot of humble pie just to make a comeback. Shame on Nicci Gilbert.


The thing is both Syleena's crew and the promoter were unprofessional and I think us viewers were just annoyed it didn't get ratchet enough to go down to blows or a cat-fight. Anyway they play Syleena saying the mic was wack and from a dollar store. So what? Syleena is an adult is responsible for her words and actions.

Nicci is like most performers carry their own mic. So what? Yes, we know for hygiene reasons since some singers then to spray theirs as they sing. But I didn't really see Nicci's point on picking on Syleena.  Not when ratchet Kim Turney the promoter had already gone on facebook to do the dirty on Syleena. Anyway everyone agrees Nicci is in the wrong since she wasn't there so she does a quick back track on the situation.However they call it an altercation? Isn't that like a fight? I didn't see no fight there.

Hair gel launch with Faith

Faith has a launch for her hair gel brand. It's the same old same old claims other gels have- no flaking, no white streaks not horribleness.

 This is something new. Well whatever, I spotted doing gel waves back in the early 1990s.But to all those of you who use hair gel maybe you should try it out.

 The real drama is when Jakeem and two women get stuck in the lift elevator. So I'm thinking was the weight exceeded the limit. You know the sign in the elevator where it says not more than ten people or 800lbs? Maybe Jakeem with those two women exceeded the maximum weight.

The firefighters are called out to rescue them and Nicci is flapping like hen again worrying about Jakeem. Tell the boy to go on a diet.

What made me laugh was Keke who said couldn't Jakeem allow the women to be rescused of of the elevator first. Keke has a point.  For all of Faith Evan's hair gel we remember Fat Boy Jakeem stuck in the elevator.
Keke Wyatt and Avant in the studio

Keke goes with Micheal to the studio to see Avant who gave Keke her first break. Why does Micheal wear those silly shirts with ties? Can't they get a stylist for the man - he looks like a geek.

 Who wears causal shirts untucked (as in hanging out) with a tie and docker or jeans - it looks so strange and is frankly scruffy. If you want to wear a tie with a shirt - please tuck in the shirt and don't leave it hanging out.  Maybe we should get Brandy to practise her styling on him. Well if Keke allows it. The man needs to dress either normal or stylish but not this strange combination of bad taste.

There is a lot of chat about nothing. Keke lays down her vocal on the track in one take and it's a wrap.

Have a listen to the track. I think's its worth all the hype. It's called  You & I.

Avant feat. Keke Wyatt - You & I

What makes it a hit track again was the fact that Keke could come and feel the song and sing her part in one take. It means it was instinctive.

Anyway Keke thanks Avant for giving the break and opportunity he gave her. I think it was a big moment because she was publicly acknowledging Avant helped her.

 And maybe it seemed that might have misunderstanding or she appeared ungrateful at some point - I don't know - just the way she said she'd never said thank and now she was.

Terez and Monifah go shopping.

Terez is an amazon with a booty to match - she is big girl but only because of her height she carries it well. She is a fine and pretty woman when you strip all that attitude from her. I can't stand her dreadlocks but that's me. She is far more feminine than I thought  and you could see she was only doing this because of Monifah. I think this is another styling project for little Brandy to do.

Okay, I'm still not sure about Monifah because she seems like a demanding child. On the other hand Terez seems quite sensitive and shy too. Not one to put her business out there so I just hope she doesn't get hurt in the long run.

Now for the issues - is this to show us how gay women live normal lives? It's really just two women shopping in a store and catching up on gossip.   My point is that people are people and Terez and Monifah are a boring couple - gay or not. I mean  it's not like they are down a club and getting into some ratchet behaviour - like say bumping into a ex and a catfight follows - this is about as interesting as drinking a coffee - boring.

Anyway Monifah is talking her usual whiny talk  - I think it's about marriage or something and Terez is acting real shy and awkward. They are both in a store shopping for clothes they don't probably need. Nothing really comes of it - only about living together and going for the next step. 

  Okay another set of issues (gay marriage - to commit or not) for Monifah to whine about to others.

 No shade. I bet tall guys still and pick up Terez with that body of hers.

Faith Evans, Brandy and the Stylist

Aunty Faith drags Trooper Brandy is this celebrity stylist chick school. Just out of interest I get confused with the term celebrity stylist - does this mean the person is a celebrity who is a stylist or just a stylist who styles celebrity. The same for hair-dressers and others who add celebrity to their job title. Why not Stylist to the stars?


The celebrity stylist who is botoxed up starts off by saying they teach the business side of styling and also it's about bringing out your client's own style (what if they have no style?) and integrating it with your own.

 Wow. I think what she  means it you make your client look good but in your own way so no one can copy you. This is probably why we have celebrities who look like clones because they all use the same stylist.

Brandy just beams and gushes and really says nothing memorable. Faith Evans chips in that styling is more than shopping and putting an outfit together.

Actually shopping is quite important ask Tameka Raymond who recently got her store cards instantiated by the her ex-husband Usher Raymond via the courts. And Emma B from Love and Hip Hop New York just seems to be showing off her wardrobe most of the time. 

Then Brandy makes a sensible comment - she wants to learn to sew and have her own fashion line - Curvato for Teens? Oh well the woman goes on to say they teach students about fabric etc. It's getting boring now.

Sensible Brandy then talks about money here Faith Evans assures her than once she is willing everything will be paid for. Brandy nods and her  beam grows like the sunrise.

 Curvato Fashion Show Day.

Curvato Clothing's fashion day arrives and it's impressive. There is a long queue to get in but as the girls are VIP they walk straight in.

As usual Nicci Gilbert starts drama where there is no drama. She moans about the playing the wrong music and she moans about other stuff too. She praises beaming Brandy who seems to be working back stage.

On front row are all the girls though I can't see any celebs. The show is goes well despite Nicci fussing it's the wrong track. Nothing much to say.

Nicci and Brandy take a bow at the end.

BBQ time at Faith Evans' Mama's house

All the girls come to Faith's party where she has all her family.

 Monifah and Keke bring their partners with them. As I said I don't think Micheal really had a problem with Terez I think that was just for the show.

Miss Wallace comes to the birthday BBQ. This appearance has different levels of meaning and messages - Basically  Faith is on good terms with her deceased husband's mother.

 Miss Wallace seems to know Keke and admires the baby. Keke gets very shy about it.

Faith Evans drops a good surprise that the girls have been invited to sing at the Essence Festival on the front stage. The girls are excited about this and Keke starts to cry. Syleena and Keke have never been invited to perform at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

With no disrespect at this point one wonders if Keke and Syleena were not really major stars but just one hit wonders?

Who thinks Brandy should be given the task of styling all these women? I do.