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Why I've not being posting love and hip hop, R&B Divas and updating my blog.

R & B Divas LA season 2 episode 4: Chrisette is a prude, Lil Mo's hair is looking fine, Chante is looking shady.

R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 3: It's all about Pink Elephants in the room; Chante blows her own horn, Chrisette goes all 'Oprah Dr Phil', Lil Mo cries over marriage break up and Leela James keep is real.

R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 2: Lil Mo cusses out yet another ex huband on the show, Chrisette is way too polite in her attitude, Chante wants backing singers.

R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 1: Meet the new girls Chrisette and Leela James.