Why I've not being posting love and hip hop, R&B Divas and updating my blog.

I think I have to share. Things too a bad turn because my father passed away. He died. So I had to cope with that. Then I had to look for a new job which I found eventually. Afterwards I started to write a novel and joined an online writing workshop called Scribophile so that took up all my time.  I have missed blogging, even with my appalling spellings and grammar.

I have missed watching these shows and giving my opinions. So I still have a few more things to do but like pass exams but I hope to start blogging again.

Daddy died, new job and trying to make sense of it all. There are some new shows which I'm looking forward to catching up on. They look so yummy! I'll also be giving updates about my novel. It's good even if I say so myself. Yeah, I still on the first draft but I'll be posting some of it for poeple to read.

I used to have a writer's website but I'm done with that now. It's hard to maintain stuff so I'll be doing it all here and just be tagging it.

I do miss watching and blogging my reality shows. Does any think that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is too polished now? It is like it's only for the cameras and story but not real life? I don't know, ya'll. Anyway lets see how this goes.  

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