Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 1 - this is for teenagers. Porno star reject Ray J Norwood and a bunch of other desparate and thirsty male and female attention hoes

Ahemmm for me the best thing about this show is  Omarion’s mama, Ms. Leslie. She owns this show. Simple as. She owns the show so please step aside Ray J.  She has a chat with O's girl friend and lays down the law. This Apryl chick needs to get along with everybody since she's the new comer.

Can't be making waves in the family. I like his mother. She's the only person worth watching. She's like she doesn't need to get along with his Ormaron's expecting baby momma. I agree with her. She's right. Baby momma is expecting too much attention because she's pregant. Oh this storyline will roll. I might just fast forward to it.

Rest of the show

For a fuller recap check out this it's called "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Recap: Vagisil and Violent Women written by Michael Arceneaux on a website called Complex. He's very good and witty. So guys I can only comment on what stood out for me. But Michael Arceneaux gives it justice.

For me this show for like teenagers. All the men are like boys - ex boy band and teenage pin ups but the women look really old. Where are the mature men: Benzinos, Stevie Js, Rich Dollaz, Peter Gunz.  Geez, even Scrappy is more man than Ray J will ever be. These men are real men even if they act stupid. I know they have pubs and hair under their arms.

This show is really young for me. These boys don't even seem like they have hair on their chest and the women look like their mothers. I think Mona Scott is chasing the teen market with this show.

Ray J - the porno star whose voice is yet to break thinks he's all that. I just think this is another low in desperation. Oh well, Maybe Mrs West will give a visit to his brand party.

Soulja Boy is cute but very restless. He's so young with his still squeaky voice.

There are some others but I'm not sure I'm feeling this show to be honest. It's just so immature and infantile.

Nothing really happens apart for the normal baby momma dramas, girl friends and ex-es. Oh and my my is my best friend. I didn't really feel it. So maybe Mona Scot is looking at new market with this show.

One thing though I thought so Soulja boy was with Diamond, because of whole Scrappy situation so where did this chick come from. Teddy Riley’s daughter. I never thought she'd be thirsty. Oh well, don't we all want to be famous.

There is Fizz and his crazy baby mother Moniece who looks like butter won't melt. However courts don't give restraining orders for nothing. So I'm with Fizz on this one. Her beauty makes her look innocent but you know these girls can get ugly just look at basketball wives etc. Good luck to him as she will only get more sympathy based on her looks. Courts are not going to award full custordy to man just because. There is more to it however if he makes a coin out of this story so be it. Moniece has been made to look wronged, it's look ya'll. Looks and the right clothes. Perception is everything.

Right now there isn't any really story with this show apart from Ms Leslie and her family drama. Just a bunch of thirsty bitches, groupies and hoes who want to get famous on zero talent- I mean both male and female.

So check out Mike's review on complex but do come back.
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