R & B Divas LA season 2 episode 4: Chrisette is a prude, Lil Mo's hair is looking fine, Chante is looking shady.

Not much this show sometimes I think I'm over the reality show thing. But I  LOVE LIL MO'S HAIR STYLE.

Chante is a bit odd and shady this episode. I'm not sure where she is going in this episode. Since the girls want thier contributions to be offcial and contracted on her record she seems to be kicking up a stink and taking it personal. Then again, she said she's going through a messy divorce, custordy case and then getting over the whole Kelly 'Sharp edge' Price drama of last season.

Leela, Chrisette, Lil Mo and Michelle meet up

Later Leela calls the girls freaky because they told her about initmate details of thier live. We know Leela is the type to read 50 Shades of Grey on a Kindle so no one will know.  It puts Chrisette off sharing.  Mo reveals she's had some girl on girl action but says she's not gay.


Michel'le the babymomma of Dr Dre and Suge Knight wants a 50 plus year old man with a swag. Ok. Then she goes on a date. He want to see her eyes which was sweet.

Lil Mo is has a sex toy party

Chrisette is such a prude when it comes to sex toys. Interesting. So she doesn't turn up. Really, it only bits of plastic or silicone and having a laugh. It's not that serious. Hmmm...I think she's probably quite uptight in some ways. Yet she wants others to go for her therapy sessions.

Anyway it was quite funny and  ya'll need to watch this. A whole new education.

Girls meet up again in the studio with Shady Chante Moore.

 As I said Lil Mo's hair is looking good.

Chante and Lil Mo are going head to head. Lil Mo is angry because Chante didn't retweet her single. I didn't know tweets where that important. 'Shady Chants' Chante starts to cry and then goes in on Lil Mo tweeting a picture of Chante's ex. Chante turns on the waterworks and starts to cry. However I do beleieve that Chante's useless PR manage her twitter on her behalf so Lil Mo should be forgiving.

And that's where I quit watching. It is really just the same old drama as last season with two new comers so nothing really new. Maybe Claudette has a bigger part, Chante is being snobby to Michel'le - I don't think this is the case. I think Chante Moore is more careful because of the baby daddies. One day she might want to do a song with Dre or something. Just saying. So there must be a reason there.

Oh well.

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