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R&B Divas LA Season 2 Episode 3: It's all about Pink Elephants in the room; Chante blows her own horn, Chrisette goes all 'Oprah Dr Phil', Lil Mo cries over marriage break up and Leela James keep is real.

First, I need to get serious about this. if you are feeling low and in trouble there is always someone to talk too.  As as long as they continue with this message, I feel morally bond an a human to spread it. So
For those in the USA The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)- So if you are in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

for those in the UK  08457 90 90 90 * (UK) (UK)

And always remember to ring the emergency services if something has happened.

 Now for my comments. The divas are Chanté Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, and Michel’le, with new commers  Chrisette Michele and soul singer Leela James.

My opinion on the new girls

Boojie Chrisette, the softly spoken star with attitude is quietly coming into her own. Yah, upper middle class girl who knows her mind and may not do what she needs to do to go forward in the music industry. Leela James keeps it real all the time.

Chante and her PR

Please. Chante Moore is making too much of big deal about the other's divas' attitude. I don't know I think Chante is bigging herself up. There has being some miscommunication why not just get backing singer? Ah, she wants names. Egos all round. So it on both sides. Yes she's sung for Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson and Patti LaBelle but she's missing a trick - she isn't them. I'm sure Chrisette will gladly sing backing to those stars too. Those are industry legends so I'm feeling not this.

Chante Moore should have been clear from the beginning about backing because she is going to use their names to market the single. Why not just get session singers? Sorry, I forgot she wants to use their names to market her song.

Claudette and Michel'le talk Suicide

What part is Claudette playing now? Is she like the mother of the group? Well, lets look at the players from last season: Lil Mo just wants to be the centre of attention (her antics are getting a bit boring now), Chante is nobody's mama and other two are new on the block. Actually I think  Michel'le and Chrisette are natural nuturers but we need to go by what their contract says and it's Claudette. Oh, I forgot Michel'le is the troubled one - remember the helplines above if you feel the same way.

Leela and Chrisette

I spoke too soon about Chrisette being like mama of the group. Chrisette is like all intervention, therapy and group hugs. Leela is all 'uh uh, honey I just want to make music'.

 She isn't into all that BS bonding for the cameras.  I'm 100 percent with her on this. This is silly, I agree with her. "Kubaya, Dr Phi Oprah' moment then they go bitching behind each others back. I agree with Leela James she just wants to make music.

Check out her single.

They start talking about the song. Leela James is all make lemonades out of lemons and keep on moving.  Leela James doesn't do therapy. She doesn't do 'Iyala Oprah'. Chrisette is very new age in her thinking - oh now we can see conflict there.

To me they are both right depending on background.  Leela has a point and Chrisette had a point. I think Leela James is just about making good music and collecting checks\cheques while Chrisette is into good vibes and harmony. Who cares?

Chrisette and her lawyer.

Chrisette and her lawyer sit down to discuss the details of Chante Moore song debacle/charade. I'm totally with Chrisette on this, it's just a little shady the way her management sent some kind of contract but not real contract to the others. Professional presentation is everything. A nice email with proper salutation and spell check would have been better.

Or even a contract on letter-headed paper. How can Chrisette take it seriously? Chante's team messed up. There is no 'informal' in business especially when Chante is going to benefit. In some respects maybe that's why Chante Moore isn't the star she's supposed to be. If you have a rubbish team behind you then there is only so far you can go. I'm just saying....

Chrisette's lawyer is sharp but diplomatic because he's like well for no fee maybe  Chante can do a return feature 'back up' on Chrisette's record but the truth is how much is a Chante feature worth? Ouch.

Lil Mo and her record

She's crying about her situation but I still don't get it. Please help me out. Last season it was all roses and love and now she's saying about her emotional state and bashing Phillip on TV.

I don't know. Anyway I did a little research and found he cheated on her so she cheated on him and now it's done.  It's a messy affair.

 Michel'le, Claudette Chrisette Michele and Leela James go for therapy.

Chrisette is like all they do is meetings, studio time, singing, writing, but never talk (I think maybe because they are just co-workers not friends?). Leela James keeps it real saying she doesn't want all this fake bonding only never to meet up again. I understand what she means - she doesn't want to act for the cameras.

Then again I sense Chrisette may be difficult to work with since she had all this postive vibe demands. Some people just want to work and go home. They don't care all about this postive energy stuff. That's for wealthy singers who have their bills already paid. Just saying.

They are all looking bored and with  Lil Mo and Chante missing there isn't much to be done. Michel'le is very strong in insisting that the others cannot be spoken for. She's always straightforward in her dealings.

Leela James starts to say about how she thinks it's a bad idea, which  Chrisette takes  personal because she thinks thinks Leela James is disrespecting her. However, Leela had told her before she didn't agree with the therapy outlook but will go. I understand because Leela James probably thinks it's just for the show. Bullswanky. Boojie petty stuff.

Anyway, the therapist thinks they all need to get together to discuss what their issues are. Okay. Leela James says something like they need to put the  pink elephants, roaches put them on the table and keep pushing. For her she justs prays about it and lets it go.

What a hot mess.

The girls meet up

Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, and Michel’le, with new comers  Chrisette Michele and Leela James are all finally in the same room. Whoa. It's cold but it gets icy when they start talking issues.

Chante  Moore feels hurt about her song but we all know it wasn't done in the proper way. She needs to have a word with her management about being professional.

 She then goes on about issues with her and Kelly Price. To be fair, they just prattled along that I lost track and interest but what I did hear was  Chrisette being a bit mean saying Chante had a lot of pink elephants to pack in small frame. Hmmm.... not sure what she meant it but it sounded like Chante was uptight and had anal retention/consipation due to pink elephants stuck up her ass - my words not hers.

If Michel'le issues have affected you in any way and you need help please call.

For those in the USA The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)- So if you are in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

for those in the UK  08457 90 90 90 * (UK) (UK)

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