Tami Roman's "Basketball Wives" Episode 6, Season 5 Video Blog - Tami Roman explains her shade to Tasha Marbury, Why Tami won't pop Shuanie and other things.

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 6: Evelyn Lozada is still smarting about about headbutts and helmet jokes, Tami Roman tries to subminally sabotage Tasha Marbury's business, Suzie is pro game playe, they all leave Tash's party early

Tami Roman's "Basketball Wives" Season 5, Episode 5 Video Blog

Tami Roman's "Basketball Wives" Video Blog- Season 5, Episode 4 - Tami Roman addresses her concerns in the show

Basketballs Wives Season 5 episode 5: Jokes about headbutts & helmets and chefs roll on. Shaunie's 'it may go real right or real wrong' comment niggles Tami Roman. Evelyn turns shows her true nasty obnoxious nature by trying Tami - Tami wins. Evelyn doesn't like being the butt of helmet jokes and gets on her moral high horse and lectures about domestic violence.

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Basketball Wives season 5 - Episode 4: It's all about Evelyn missing wife-headpuncher Chad and Tami seeking drama over what Shaunie said to Tasha Marbury. Suzie Ketcham says jaw surgery was to correct assault on her jaw used as punching bag by some unnamed ex of hers

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