Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 6: Evelyn Lozada is still smarting about about headbutts and helmet jokes, Tami Roman tries to subminally sabotage Tasha Marbury's business, Suzie is pro game playe, they all leave Tash's party early

All these chicks are messy with the exception of Tash Marbury.

Evelyn and Chad Ochocino's situation.

Six episodes in and Evelyn is still crying in every scene and waving her new status of victim of domestic violence. We get it. VH1 is soooo very angry about cancelling 'Ev and Ocho' their spin off show about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco and losing money that this is simply making up for that show. Evelyn Lozada must have other things going on in her life.

This is supposed to be a light entertainment show not a long lecture on how to avoiding offending and upsetting Evelyn Lozada or discussing headbutting at any given moment. Maybe Chad Ochoncinco should contact them for royalties but then again he's probably owes VH1 an advance on the never aired spin-off show.

Half this show was  just Evelyn Lozada investigating Tasha Marbury's 'helmet and head butting' jokes. Really? Evelyn whines that she never joked about Tash Marbury's chef situation. But Evelyn did put it on blast in her book and laughed when Suzie cracked the joke about the strap-on dildo and Tash wearing it to do the chef. 

Tami and Evelyn are friends again

After Tami threatening to pop Evelyn at the dinner they are friends again. Okaaaay. Then Tami comes in a hypocrite calling Evelyn at her photo shoot saying she would have knocked out Tasha.  So ineffective Tami's solution to a comment about violence is to be violence. Am I lost here?

These chicks are just hood-rats. Really.

A Fan is Keeping it positive for VH1's critics

Just to keep it positive because VH1's bad reputation for having all this third  rate 'slap-pop-bust-a-bitch' reality shows with hoodrats they bring on a fan who got the message about breast cancer and it saved her life.

So they that is Shaunie O'Neal (who only likes postive things) Evelyn and Tami take time out of their bitchy messy ways to hear a fan thank they for saving her life.

It's a humbling experience which sets Evelyn Lozada off - that is crying again. Evelyn cries over this woman and telling us how she (Evelyn) realises she is lucky - Evelyn says “It just reminds me that my life’s not that bad…She just inspires me…to not let things affect me.”

However the fan's inspiring effect wore off Evelyn quickly because she was back to investigating the Tasha's head butting comments.

Evelyn Confronts Tash about 'Headbutting' Comments.

Does Evelyn has time or does she have time. Well she's signed a contract and therefore has to talk to Tasha Marbury on camera. A phone call just would not do.

Evelyn finally confronts Tasha Marbury about the head butting jokes. Okay. Tasha says she's sorry but challenges Evelyn about the chef incident. Evelyn doesn't think infidelity is as serious as being a victim of domestic violence. Funny that when it was Chad's alleged infidelity (the condom situation) that lead to the headbutting so I pretty much say she wrong because most times they are interlinked.

Domestic violence is usually linked to real or imagined infidelity or jealousy. One accuses the other of cheating (male or female) soon it gets physical.


Infidelity and cheating is can also be seen as emotional and psychological abuse. Just because a person doesn't have physical scars to show the world doesn't mean anything. How many women or even men self harm or do horrible things to themselves because their partners are cheating?

Let's settle this the easy way since Evelyn wrote about Tasha's story in her book as fiction maybe the solution is for Tasha Marbury to write her own book about a fictional Football Wife who gets headbutted in domestic violence then it will be even.  The problem is that Evelyn Lozada is so self obsessed with herself that she can't see beyond her own problems.

Tasha Marbury's Weave Bar Opening

Moving on the girls go to Tasha's weave bar openining.  It opens with Shaunie O'Neal casting shade on the location asking if is it safe. Okay let's take a step back, now Shaunie may have made her name posh but her goverment and birth name is really Va’Shaundya Karlette Nelson - which pretty much reads like a name made up in the projects.  These chicks forget where they came from. The only one who pretends to be from the hood and isn't is Lil Mo (from R&B Divas) whose really name is a boring standard Cynthia born to middle class church going parents.

We established that Evelyn can actually read which is good thing but then again a member of the camera crew could have pointed it out to her to bring it up because who seriously looks up at signs before they go into places. However being the normal messy woman she is instead of telling her friend Tash Marbury she uses it as gossip with the others then take Tami out to see.

So Evelyn laughs and leaves it but doesn't say anything. What a good friend.

Then Tami goes and slants Tasha's businesses. I think Tami is so off there is no point in even going on her. She is just nasty by nature.

Tasha Marbury's Birthday Party

Anyway Tasha is having a birthday party and Suzie who is a game player in this show goes to visit her while she is getting ready for the party.
They start talking then Tami rings and saying she is ill - her eyes are jacked up and it was probably something at Tasha's weave bar opening. I'm not going into what she said because it was vicdictive and seem like a  subminal plan to sabotage Tasha's business on national TV. Pure hating sabotage and let's leave it at that. There is no defense for it even if Tami comes out with her blogging which I post it's still vindictive and nasty.

Suzie Ketcham the professional game player asks innocently what it wrong. Tasha doesn't want to get into it but just says the women are opinianted. It's hard to beleive Suzie Ketcham didn't know what Tami was implying.


Suzie Ketcham doesn't her role in Basketball Wives twisted. She knows her role in this show and why she picks up the check at the end of the day.  Off the show she's a pleasant and nice woman. She is relaxed about the whole thing and doesn't take it seriously which is why she is hardly on twitter or any social media. In terms of publicity she only does what VH1 requires of her. Also she never sees the rest out of season. It's more lights, camera and action with Suzie so you can never be sure if what she is saying is real or just for the cameras. Sometimes she does get annoyed but mostly she's playing the game. Don't hate the players hate the game.

Anyway Suzie misunderstands when Tasha says they are all opiniated and thinks thinks Tash said they are pains in the asses. If I didn't know better I'd say Suzie Ketcham's arrival was planned with Tami calling Tash to accuse her.

Tasha corrects her saying she isn't scared to Tami and she is isn't scared of any of them. 

Tasha Marbury's Party

Has there being any party where all these women were invited to that they enjoyed? Nope it's always shade be it the wrong food, people. drink, wrong music - they complain and whine all the time and Tash Murbary birthday do was no different.

At the party Shaunie says the party is a flop and Evelyn munching away is like she feels bad. Shaunie thinks should they stay but Evelyn decides they should go. Suzie comes in with the box of sex toys then tells the others that Tami isn't coming because she feels she's got some sort of posioning from Tasha's weave bar. And that's why I think it was planned for Suzie to be there for the phone call. It's just too neat and clean the way it falls into place.

Suzie tells the others what Tami said about Tasha needing to check the building blah blah blah. They all laugh and Evelyn Lozada comments that Tash needs to get her money back and out of the weave venture.

Shaunie screws her face up like she's having a difficult time straining herself on the toilet - but is her bored look -  and Evelyn says they have better things to do - yes that is pick up the VH1 check for doing that. They are getting paid so a lot of this is just messiness for drama. Evelyn complains about Tasha being late to her birthday party etc.

Game player Suzie suggest they leave the gifts and go. Their excuse was they were tired, early flights, maybe Marlon waiting for Shaunie in the hotel room wearing nothing but a leopard skin thong. I just added the last bit.

However it was okay for the VH1 filming camera crew to stay behind to film Tasha's reaction on screen. Tasha wasn't impressed because after all spending time and celebrating with her is more important because in the end she doesn't really need material things.

People ask after the Shaunie, Evelyn and co since Tash Marbury is a basketball wives they would have mutual friends and acquaintances in common . The cake comes out with a sparkling bit but no candles and Tasha sends it back. What's a birthday cake without candles?