The Next 15 episode 101: Queen Bee Tiffany 'New York' Pollard; Basketball Wives Laura Govan & Jennifer Williams with her dog, Benzino, Claudia Jordan and some unknown dude from the real world get their next 15 minutes of fame!

This show is going to rock! At last something NEW & FRESH!. Different!  It's probably going to be worse ever and that means GOOD! It's scrapping the bottom of the barrel with stars so desperate and thirsty for fame, and as one reviewer said it would be like watching folk eating sh&t and then watching them sh&t. No chaser, keeping it real.

Now when people say that we know it's going to be good in a ratchet trashy way.   We all eat sh&t we ain't supposed to, now without shade lets proceed.

So this is based on Andy Warhol said In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes Well now these guys are up form their next 15 minutes of fame.

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In no particular order just what I could gather.

It starts off with Carlos King, the dude behind most  ratchet reality TVs with the exception of the Love and Hip Hop brand has a beach meeting with the beautiful Claudia Jordan about starring in a new reality show that will be different. 

Claudia bleets to the camera about how she is  misunderstood with rumours and nasty assumptions. Also how she didn't get a call back from her original show...I think of the real housewives of Atlanta - one show I haven't being able to get into.

Anyway Claudia Jordan being thirsty for a second chance at fame agrees to his concept - which I don't really understand. I think it's going to be around six former reality show stars fired from their previous shows having a talk show. Sounds confusing...but the personalities are great.

Anyway it isn't that simple since Carlos King had a few tricks up his sleeves. He decides he'll also have another fired ex-reality show star Jennifer Williams on his roaster. Major beef since it's rumoured that Jennifer Williams was or is going out with Claudia Jordan's ex....oh yeah but it gets worse.

Just time out doesn't Claudia Jordan look like Joseline from Love and Hip Hop? Who? Why do we want to know her?

Anyway, I'm a bit sad that Jennifer agreed to this but it shows that they all need fame, and are thirsty for it. After the huge deal she made on Basketball Wives Miami, I'm surprised she'll subject herself to this again. Then again there is a paycheck or paycheque with all this. Under all that madeup bougie chick is someone very desparate for attention.

Anyway I must say Jennifer had gotten worse in behaviour. All that stuff with her dog, dressing it up and too much flirting and acting cute. Yes, acting cute, I thought she'd have matured over the years but it doesn't seem so. Anyway she isn't impressed with being on a show with Claudia Jordan and insulates that Claudia had slept with a string of men. However Jennifer Williams forgets we know her history from Basketball Wives Miami - especially when she started to fight with Evelyn Lozada. A lot of secrets of who slept with who came out....even if bleeted off TV. Chicks in glass houses should not throw stones.

Anyway I think she needs to cut out all the cute-acting and dog for accessory - it's annoying.

Next we have some dude who was in the Real World...does anyone watch that anymore? His claim to fame was that he is black and gay...yeah like he came out on TV. Also he didn't get paid for his stint on reality TV so he's habouring some kind of bitterness toward that. Oh and he had a kid. Yes, he dipped in a few ponds, got a chick pregnant before he found out he was gay...

Life after Love & Hip Hop is Bezino!!! Yay! I'm pleased about this one. I've always like Benzino and I always thought he was a solid person. He will be good balance for the show.

I'm missing a person I think called Laura Govan who had a major scandal with her ex husband. All very messy. She is another basketball wife. I don't know much of her past drama but she seems cool.

Then there is Queen Been Tiffany 'New York' Pollard.  At that moment I thought damn! Now that is cat amongst pigeon and it will give it a little flavour. A lot of flavour!

 Jennifer Williams and Claudia Jordan meet.

As you expect fake hugs all round but you get the feeling these two women just want to deck each out.They already hate each other. Jennifer actually calls Claudia a a mingler..anit that like UK slang. for nasty looking person. It seems Jennifer had more of a problem than Claudia.

Anyway all these guys are put in room to meet each other except Tiffany New York since she is the secret star of the show - even though there may be breakout stars....for now Tiffany is Queen Bee - she was having dress issues back stage.

After Carlos chatted about the concept he told the new cast of the Next 15 that there will be a focus group of ordinary people to give thier comments, and they the cast had to watch. Uncomfortable but interesting TV.

So this was what the focus group had to say about the new cast.

Claudia Jordan

Drag queen on steroids - quick with her wit. She slept with lots of different men. She also looked artificial and like a man. The thing is being a model, in some angle she can appear to have a strong jawline that is great for the camera with her height but can come over a wee bit mannish at times. But that is for all tall looking models - the Amazon.

Korama Brown

When was that? Who is that? One person said he needed to have more than just being gay and black. What else is is bringing to the table? True TV has passed that stage.


He looked like a bottle head and a hot mess. But someone said he wasd very cool on L&HHATL 

Jennifer Williams 

Sounded bougie, didn't pronounce her words. She also remembered her as a push over and Evelyn Lozada's side kick. However one person said she was nice.

Laura Govan

I think she got criticised for having so many kids without a ring on her finger. To be fair, Laura Govan was in what she thought was a committed relationship and probably was blinded a little to his Gilbert Arenas's personality until it was too late. She thought having their and key word is their babies was good enough.

The worst thing is that they looked together so one wonder what went wrong. This is not a fake for the cameras picture. This is a really happy couple - look at the body language.

The chemistry between them just off the page...maybe that was the problem and the reason  why it went from heaven to hell in relationship terms. Feelings ran too deep.

So it's an extremely messy and acrimonious situation and I hope they sort it out for the children's stake.

However I realised this was the same immature Gilbert Arenas who says a lot of derogatory things about women and people in general so I'm inclined to say he's a spoilt brat whose had a very successful career and because of that he's always on the look out for something better. He is 34 years old and earning about 20 million dollars a year. He feels invincible.

What he really needs is to hand over his twitter account to his publicist and STFU. He is the type of ballers should just ball, we don't need to hear their opinions unless positive or at the after game press conference.

It appears he hooked up with Laura in his late teens or early twenties so both have a lot of growing up to do outside each other. Gilbert Arenas needs to grow up. And I hope he does before he retires or gives up balling. He needs to take time out to reflect, and Laura is obviously feeling deeply wounded and hurt so it's hard to comment on those things in her email - true or false. It's their business and some couples fight jugular. What comes out is that she was wounded emotionally and humiliated.

Whatever it is Gilbert Arena should do good by his kids and I hope he is. I hope they sort it out.

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The Next :15 follows the lives of 6 reality stars long after their television debuts have come and gone.
Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives Of Atlanta fame is exploring new opportunities in the media world. Jennifer Williams is leveraging her stint on Basketball Wives into a co-hosting position for an online talk show. The Real World: Philadelphia‘s first out, gay cast memberKaramo Brown is cultivating his career in broadcasting. Basketball Wives‘ Laura Govan is exploring her creative side by authoring children’s books. Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino is balancing fatherhood and helming the ship of “Hip Hop Weekly”, andFlavor of Love‘s Tiffany “New York” Pollard is spreading her sass and charm in the acting world.