Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 6 Season Finale: A Question for Romeo- The Virgin Queen Angela or sexy Kristinia 'The Missing Kardashian Sister' DeBarges.

To my surprise I found this was the season finale, and I think due the lacklustre performance and lack of promotion by any of the investors or stars it may not be commissioned for a second season. Frankly when I found out this was the final episode in the series I thought it was an anti climax. Why? Well the cliffhangers were Angela's stalker who no one really cares about, and also Romeo driving away to have a threesome probably fake with Kristinia 'The missing Kardashian sister' DeBarge and her friend Ashley.

Oh well let's starts with my observations of this show. Will I be watching it again? I don't know. They even seem to having a reunion.

Def Jam and Phat Farm Founder Uncle Russell Gives Angela Simmons A Piece of Mind

The show kicks off with Angela Simmons sprawled out on her virgin white bedsheets when Uncle Russ gives her a call for an update on the stalker situation. She tells him she’s made contact with the stalker. 

Uncle Phat Farm Russ goes crazy and yells at Angela not taking her stalker seriously. She puts him right and says it’s the police that told her that. Uncle Russ apologies to her and hangs up.

Angie isn't give a minute before her sister Vanessa barges into her bedroom. I’ve forgotten what the conversation was about but I think it was about Romeo and stalker. Not sure, but at some point she asked about the ‘hangout’ which I called the ‘non-date’ date.

Remember this?

Angela Simmons’s Damage Control Pink Roses Drama

Angela, Vanessa and sidekick Joanna walk into her LA apartment and are greeted by a two vases of expensive pink roses on her coffee table. With a dramatic sigh, Angela picks up the card and then dramatically throws herself on the couch. Vanessa goes nuts and thinks it’s the stalker.

Hold on - those were expensive flowers. From a florist. Not a cheap gas station or Walmart bunch like in the first episode. I suspect they were in a large fancy bouquet before the invisible house-help put them in water.

Anyway, Vanessa Simmons storms out of the room, screaming about Angela and the stalker. Angela sighs again and then confesses to sidekick PA Joanna it was Romeo.

‘Tell her.Tell her it’s Romeo!” pleads Joanna - is she there to make Angela look prettier?

Angela obeys and goes her sister it was Romeo who sent the roses. Too late because Daddy Run DMC is on the phone line.

Daddy Rev Run DMC Reads Angela the Riot Act

So the morning started with Uncle Russell, now it was his younger brother and Angela’s father yelling on the phone. Before Angela can say a word, her father orders her back to New York. Like she is five years old.

Angela pouts, had a her little drama queen hissy fit and then throws the phone on the couch calling her father a jerk.

TJ Mizuel Holds a Charity Event

Posh boy  cutie TJ does a charity event for inner school kids where he invites all his new friends. They all rock up, the  Kristinia ‘the missing Kardashian sister’ DeBarge, virgin drama queen Angela, pretty but young Egypt (with her chaperone mother Pepa in tow), and all others. I’m not if Romeo made it…did he? This stuff is so unforgettable.

Anyway Sidekick Joanna lies into the DeBarge girl about keeping time. I think this is fake and also unfair, but I hope Joanna is picking up a good paycheque/check for this mess.

Eygpt, the child of Pepa & Treach, is an odd addition to the show. I’m not sure what she brings to the table other than Master P cutting a favour for his old school OG pals Treach and Pepa.  Or maybe it was the Def Jam connection with Rev Run and Russell Simmons since they are from New York.

Let’s face it’s these three heavy  OG moguls (Run, Russell and Master P) backing the show, and I aint counting motor mouth Damon Dash - he is just still hustling and getting his behind hit for child support. Darn!

Anyway I think this sheltered young lady had been give an opportunity due to a favour begin asked by someone.

Anway it seems Egypt just wants to be famous and unfortunately Momma Pepa still needs to develop her Kris Jenner skills to push her daughter to the top.  At some point I’m wondering has Egypt at that young age had breast implants and a nose job? It’s just she seems very plastic in a way. Oh well, each to their own.

Doesn't Egypt look like a younger Serena Williams? Only Serena hasn't had plastic surgery.

Queen of Tennis, Serena Williams


The Virgin Queen Angela, Missing Kardashan Sister Kristinia and Romeo: Who is gonna be his Juliet?

So this is the supposed love triangle between Angela who sleeps on virgin white sheets, Kristinia DeBarge who looks like a missing Kardashian with her tits always on show and player Romeo, who is Romeo by name and Romeo by nature.

So check this. Romeo sends Angela a bunch of expensive pink not red (which are romantic) roses and she is all confused.

At some point they all meet up at Damon Dash’s crib - where as side note Dash is talking his normal bull-rubbish. I feel sorry for Boogie because sometimes he is the father to Dash.

Back on track, Angela asks Romeo about the roses. Romeo is all coy saying it’s about friendship and gratitude. Yeah, right. He is a young man, and isn’t ready for a relationship with restrictions. He wants to hit. And hit hard. And if Angela didn’t have those high standards he’d have been there in a minute.

Let’s face it, there is no bonus for his below the waist region if he hooks up with Angela. Same differences as being friends plus girl friend drama.

Also maybe Big Daddy Master P had a word with Romeo to keep things sweet since he, Romeo and Ange are all executive producers on this show.

Anyway Angela melts with Romeo’s smooth talking where he even drops in something about her being a virgin for seven more years.

This triangle is also fuelled with Joanna’s mistrust of Kristinia and planting rumours in Angela’s head.
Frankly it’s none of her business.

I’m unimpressed with this storyline because its a stereotype of a dark skinned girl hating on a light skinned girl. Yeah, the colour complexion politics runs deep. Also can you see Joanna isn't allowed to wear make-up so that makes her look a unattractive, rough and ashy next to the star of the show Angela who is basically slobbered in makeup so her skin can't breath.

So this was done in Photoshop but I think it drives hope my point! This is an American show so we all know the drill. Angela is too good to do the hating so gets her sidekick Joanna who is darker and less polished than her in looks to do it for her.

Joanna isn’t ugly it is just she doesn’t have the cash Angela Simmons has to make a polished finished or as I said before doesn't wear makeup to shine. Yes, money can polish anyone pretty - even Wendy Williams.

So when you get Joanna spreading rumours and instigating against Kristina it’s odd. Doesn’t Virgin Queen Angela have eyes?  Can’t she make up her own mind?

Things come to a head at a party when Master P declares Romeo is going to be the new puppet head…sorry, I mean president of No Limits Records. Kristina comes all dressed up with her assets on show and some how ends up grinding Romeo on the dance floor.

The Virgin Queen Angela’s sidekick isn’t too happy about it, so pulls Kristinia to one side to have a chat. Excuse me, no one stopped Angela from having fun and dancing (grinding) with Romeo or maybe dancing with a man is a form of love making. Who knows?

If  Queen Angela wants to sulk all night in the VIP room instead of have fun, let her.

You’d think Romeo doesn’t have a say in who he dates, grinds on the dance floor or has sex with.
 It’s so childish. He is a grown man with a fully functional genitals who can have sexual intercourse with whom ever he wants. End of.

Anyway the virgin queen also has a chat with Kristinia who couldn’t care less. After all Kristinia needs to work for her living. Not play work like Romeo or Angela. She’s not an heiress to a music dynasty, nor can her family connections get her any music deals - her hustle needs to produce results, and if showing off her physical assets and getting her grind out with player Romeo will get her what she wants….so be it…

As normal Angela walks out in a huff, and of course Romeo who is having too much fun doesn’t go after her.

After all, even if they kiss and make up, his penis will not get a cut in on the deal. Nah, he decides to stay and grinds Kristinia on the dance floor.

Soon Kristinia is grinding another chick on the floor and tells Romeo - this is the baddest chick in LA, does he want a threesome. Oh yes.

That is the kind of offer Joanna, and Angela should have on offer? Coffee with expresso however he’s now going a flat white with a latte.

I’m thinking of Romeo’s cheesy grin and probably his hard-on at the suggestion of two chicks at the same time.

It’s time to roll. How best to celebrate begin the new head puppet of No Limits than to sleep with two chicks at once.

It ends with Angela seeing Romeo exit with his two new best friends for a possible late night loving session for three.

Being a virgin queen and keeping a man, aint easy. Then again Angela can still join in once she doesn't allow Romeo to you-know-what....

Was this for show? Is it real? Who knows...if I have time I'll pick it up next season but so far there isn't much to it, even if Uncle Def Jam and Phat Farm Simmons put his name to it.

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