The Next 15 episode 102: Bitchfest of Claudia Jordan and Karamo Brown, Tiffany Pollard declares herself HBIC, Jennifer Williams refers to Claudia as a slut.

This show may be nothing more than a bitchfest and clash of inflated egos. And the worse thing about it is that after twenty minutes it becomes very unmemorable. Basically it's about four attractive women - Claudia, Jennifer, Laura and Tiffany; one handsome gay man; and the charismatic Benzino. With a huge dose of the normal reality show tom foolery, and stupidity.

The Brainstorming Session

It starts with a team brainstorming session where New York Tiffany Pollard walks in. Love or loath New York Tiffany, the woman has star quality or something about her. I think pehaps its because she grabs attention and is outspoken.

Anyway all these so called iconic reality stars start to swap ideas for the shop, and Karamo First Gay Black Man Outted on TV Brown talks about how big his dinger or genitalia is. This embarrasses Benzino who is the only straight man in the room.  Benzino like why does a man need to talk about his piece?

New York Tiffany contributes that she glues on her eyelashes with (weave) bonding glue! That is rather extreme and dangerous but I guess it makes them stay on.

Nothing really happens in this segment of the show apart from after all our iconic stars all leave, Claudia Jordan and the Karamo Brown have a bitching session about them, mostly about Jennifer implying she was dumb and a blank piece of paper. Oh and  Karamo channels his inner bitchness to t add Benzino was ugly...perhaps too ugly to be on TV or their talk show.

Maybe Karamo has a man-crush on Benzino cause he's talking about the OG Benzino too much....What man cares about another man's look unless he's looking. Why boast about his piece in front of the OG when he's clearly not interested in women?

Laura Govan and her Manager Holly

I like Laura, there is something genuine and real about her compared to the rest. There is something still honest and naive about the way she handles herself. This makes her appealing and I wish her luck.

Anyway Laura Govan goes to her manager who thinks this show is a bad idea for her image.

And let's face it Laura was naive compared to the average NBA wife, since she had four kids for an NBA Basketball player who didn't marry her. She was naive thinking it would last forever - Gilbert Arenas was in for the long haul.

 And lets face it if he was married to her, he'd have had to split that fortune of his into two by Californian law. Now all he pays is child maintenance. Then again I think Laura needs to find herself.

Anyway her manager tells her she sees a lot more for her than all this trashy reality show with a bunch of has-beens. She has a cook book coming out and want to write children books therefore she needs to be aware of her image. She warns Laura about  posting racy pictures on Instagram for attention, and advises her to delete.  Laura does, but on some level doesn't take her manager too seriously.

At some point we see her working out with her personal trainer friend Ciara. There were a lot of vibes in those scenes but hey I'm not one for libel so I won't comment - they also kinda looked like sisters. Anyway, she tells Ciara about Gilbert Arenas (not naming him of course) and bits of the court case. I just hope it's settled and Gilbert does what he should.

It's a hard one because Laura Govan is clearly still vulnerable, angry and hurt. Again she needs to grow past this, and so far so good, she's doing what she can, even if it means appearing in some trashy reality soap.

Jennifer Williams Takes her Dog for Doggie Treats

Pretentious Jennifer Williams goes to some organic dog food bar with her dog and her second fashion accessory a Gay Black Man BBF. They both bitch about who is on the show and Jennifer implies Claudia Jordan is a slut.

Jennifer also reveals that Claudia's ex is now a 'friend' - I suppose she means the type of friend she has sex with, and this dude told her nasty things about Claudia.

Never trust a man who says derogatory things about his exes or former relationships since he'll say the same about you. Anyway there isn't much difference between Claudia and Jennifer since they are both desperate for fame and on the hustle. I'm not sure how long Eric William's alimony would last with that dog eating such fine foods. And the dog is so ugly. I think Pugs are cuter,

or Maltese poodles.

Claudia Jordan, Karamo Brown and New York Tiffany Pollard.

Later in the show we see Claudia Jordan and  Karamo in a restaurant waiting for New York Tiffany Pollard to turn up.

When she does, Tiffany arrives very late, and declares herself the star of the show - which she is. She calls herself  HBIC - Head Bitch In Charge.... Let's face it her antics make good reality TV. She gives the camera what it wants. Drama. She is also very intelligent about her role in all this.

This is what is missing from Claudia. If Claudia Jordan had Tiffany's intelligence with her looks, she could have done a lot more. Anyway Tiffany tells them she wants to be on her own because she wouldn't fit in with the group - so perhaps a roving reporter on the street.

Claudia doesn't say much but it's her sneers and smirk that spark Tiffany off. Also Tiffany knows she needs to act up for the camera. She has being briefed that her role is one of conflict.

Then Claudia tells her that she and Karamo Brown are the producers...Tiffany acts out again, shouting waving her fingers in the air, giving the show a slice of street. She also adds that  all Claudia does is suck men's genitalia to get where she is, and laughs at the possibility that Claudia and Karamo are producers on the show. And she is right.

Claudia lacks business sense to see that Tiffany  is acting to her brief/instructions to what she had been told to do by Carlos 'The Puppet Master' King. She is there to make sure people watch the show, and viewers expect her to be over-the-top.

 Claudia not understanding it's all a game makes snide remarks about Tiffany being on medication or drugs. This is a show. Maybe Claudia is taking it all too seriously and really believes in her idea, her worth and her value. She doesn't understand she is a tool, which is what Tiffany gets.

 Anyway before the finger waving turns into a physical fight Tiffany walks out of the room.

Then just for an extra drop of drama she goes  and complains to the cops, who basically just keep out of it. Karamo Brown who is more intelligent than Claudia and knows this is a game goes after Tiffany, to try to talk to her. Calm her down.

Also the real producer goes to talk to Claudia Jordan, since Claudia doesn't get it. Claudia needs Tiffany to be on board on this show. It is women like Tiffany Pollard or Joseline Hernandez who is a less classy or refined version of  New York Tiffany Pollard or K Michelle that  make these shows interesting. These women are excellent TV characters since they instinctively know when to act out in front of the cameras. Remove them and the show becomes very dull.

Anyway, having done what her contract says Tiffany sasses back into the resturant and sings everyone's praises. She even gives Claudia a shady comment about how she always bounces back and she likes that.

Claudia is confused, and they hug.

 Honey don't be it's all a game to make good TV.

Crew catch-up with Carlos King.

This doesn't really need to be in it, apart from Carlos King wanting his own 15 minutes of fame, so he had a conversation with his crew about New York Tiffany's claim.

Well, boring since he probably put her up to it. Then there is a part when Tiffany is supposed to meet up with Benzino and stands up him. Again boring.

Most interesting is when she sends a text to Carlos quitting the show. Drama. Can the show survive without her? Yes, but it means Claudia Jordan and Jennifer Williams will have to get dirty in a cat fight. And since they have both had sex with the same man, I think that would be easy enough.