Growing up Hip Hop Episode 5: Where the party at, Romeo!!! Angela goes all drama queen again! Angela's PA is the new Karlie Red - Messy! Angela reveals she's a virgin. Romeo and Angela define their non-relationship.

It starts with Romeo dancing to Master P's tune. He tells his father what he wants to hear about being in five places in one place and being Superman in order to take over the Empire. Master P likes to hear his son's heart is in a good place and gives him a lecture about business. However as a parting shot and the last word Romeo tells his father he needs to work out to get his sexy back. Yeah, we know Master P is fat.

We are back to Boss Lady Angela and her stalker. This is going to be one long storyline. Now the stalker wants to marry her. I mean really? Well I guess there is a thread of truth in this but it's being dragged out for a long time. I like her bronzer. Don't you think she should have her own make-up line? Anyway it's the same yada yada yada do the responsible thing Angela. Naw, not good TV.

Romeo is more worried about his priorities - getting his videos done. So he invites Angela over with the flirt line 'I'm not in my speed's' what do you have on?' or am I making that up? Don't know. He wants her to twerk (yeah joke) in his video. Anyway all the beautiful people turn up at Romeo's place for a party. Like is that Romeo's house or his father's Master P's crib? Just curious. Oh its Daddy Master P's place.

Anyway he mentions that Angela is FINE and looking like a video vixen...not sure Boss Lady Angela will appreciate being referenced to a common video hoe - no matter how well intended. Romeo needs to make sure his beautiful friends don't trash his father's place.

Angela gets a little jealous about Romeo being nice to other women, then again it is his party and video shoot. Anyway Christina decides to intervene and ends up in a video. Why not? Please give the girl a chance but Angela blows steam.

Angela is the kind of person that if she isn't having fun she spoils it for everyone else by insisting everyone she bought has to leave with her. She is a nice person but that is some controlling trait that makes her ungracious.

Pepa gets on her hustle of baby Pepa Treach

I finally found out the name of the Pepa Treach off spring...Egypt. Anywy Pepa goes and hustles Romeo to give Egypt Pepa Treach a chance. She can always go backup with the mic turned down. No big deal.

PA Joanna plants seeds in Angela's mind about Christina liking Romeo, and that Christina is a weirdo. Oh dear, how messy and mean.

There is cute guy but he needs some sun. Like really, plenty of sun. He reminds me of a vampire - too pale for a man even if he's cute. And yes he was black but still too pale.

Christina's Performance at the Fashion Show

She's cute but puts in too much. I think she needs to be a bit more chilled in her performance.

Master P's stamp of approval on Romeo's vocal.

Pressure, pressure and more pressure. You can see the tension melt from Romeo's faces when Big Daddy Master P gives his nod of approval. After that Romeo approaches his father about lil Pepa Egypt Treach. Master P is pretty cool about it, but says it's up the Romeo to make DECISIONS.

Egypt Pepa Treach sings for Master P and Romeo. 

First Master P does a bit of flirt with Mama Pepa but then it's time for the sing song. Anyway Master P says he's giving it to Romeo to listen to the girl. Yeah, training the young Master P to take over the empire. Throwing in Smiley Romeo in the deep end. Interesting.

Anyway Pepa tries to butter up Romeo now he's the man in charge. Baby Pepa Egypt sings. Yeah, it's okay, however she needs to practice and become the  music. So it's practice, practice and maybe some gigging. Yeah Romeo says the same thing. From the confessionals it looks like she had implants. At that young age?

Anyway Romeo is nice about it and lets her down with good advice. Keep on performing in front of people - lawd knows all the greats where performing in church and clubs from a young age. Once she keeps on grinding with the music she'll get there.

Angela on a date with the weird looking paleface black man

We find out that Angela is a I get those jokes Romeo cracked in the early episodes about they couldn't let Angela be a forty year old virgin. It's not a big deal, she just want to save herself for when the time is right. It's her choice.

Romeo Checks out Christina for No Limits

Romeo is now stepping up to his father's challenge of looking for new artists. I mean what is a record label without fresh new voices. So he decides to talk to Christina. At least she keeps her puppies hidden.

The thing about Christina is that she needs to know how to behave when others are listening to her demo. She starts to distract  attention with her chair dancing and waving her arms in the air. What she really needs to do is keep still and allow her music to speak for itself. It was this behaviour that lost her the chance with Cash Money.

The only people that should be dancing and waving hands in the air are the producers if they are feeling it. Otherwise she just comes over as all the other it's a professional listening session.

Damn! Romeo says the same thing. It's very hard to focus when she's doing all these sexy moves - the  producers - mostly men don't know where to look. The issue is that after a session like that most professional producers will dismiss her since they think it was their dicks speaking instead of business minds. So the music should inspire these men's excitement and hard-ons, not her visual dancing in the studio booth. Someone needs to package Christina.

Lets give Romeo some props. The guy is a sleek smooth talker and knows how to say nothing at all. So he basically tells Christina to give him a minute to decide, however I it's more about listening to Christina's music without her in the room so her sexiness does not interfere with the business decision.

Then again Christina will get lots of publicity from this show, and she seems to be getting lots of gigs around LA so she's making her mark in a way.

Boss Lady Angela and Romeo define their 'non-relationship' relationship

Back at Master P's palace Angela and Romeo are chilling out when Angela is direct about their non-relationship relationship. 'Did you ever think you'd be with me?' Romeo blushes. Yes, the grown man blushes but we all know how direct Angela can be. Anyway he uses his champagne flute to cover it. Then after recovering starts with the 'if anyone understand me, it's up.' Angie babe isn't buying it. Romeo, she got you caught out, mate.

Romeo then comes clean saying its better for him to be single. Hmmm Boss Lady Angela isn't feeling that and continues with her interrogation. She has balls. She really does. If I had her boldness when I her age, I'd probably would have saved myself a lot of heart ache.

Anyway Angela likes things to be definite - no mixing or chasing. Black and white. Everyone knows where they stand. Do't give mixed signals.

It gets a bit heated when Angela pushes for a definition of what they are to each other. Romeo opts for the safe 'we are just friends.' Angela is like 'just friends?' Oh boy. It gets uncomfortable because Romeo is tells her are you saying you had feelings for me? Angela is like 'And you didn't?' Wow, guys please!

Romeo is denying having feeling (well amorous feelings ) for Angela. Ever. Slippery path, dude. Real slippery. Or maybe he was just being super friendly. But hey why with all the flirting and personnel comments about her. Hmmmm......Romeo needs to be honest with himself.

Typical man, Romeo ends with his bull rubbish, I need to focusing on taking No Limit to next level, focus on my music, focus on everything else. He just can't handle Boss Lady Angela Simmons.

Anyway to be fair, I did call their date a 'non-date' date.

Anyway Romeo can't handle the pressure,  throws his glass in the grass and walks off leaving an amused Angela Simmons behind. Kinda childish behaviour, don't you think?

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