Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 5 - Mimi is still just dumb, Joseline is starting a hot mess and all the other fake drama....

Nothing really caught me this time. It's really scripted because now Joseline is making friends with Nikko's wife to annoy Mimi, and in return Mimi is signing Joseline's ex co-workers from the strip club. What a hot mess.

It’s just a huge mess with nothing really standing out. Mimi keeps name dropping Stevie J as her baby’s father, then again that’s the reason for her being on the show.

Joseline is up to mischief so meets with Nikko’s wife Margo for the low down on the sex tape. Apparently Mimi masterminded the whole thing for attention – who knows the truth and more importantly who cares?

This Tiffany Foxx is now acting like a star diva. Okay, whatever….

Faith Evans looking good makes an appearance visiting Stevie in rehab where he talks about Jay Z and P Diddy...– she really looked good, I’m now motivated to lose weight.

Scrappy calls a family meeting about his stepfather who is really just appearing because it’s possible the only honest way a newly released ex-con can make a living. He is lucky to be on the show, so lets support that storyline.

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