Growing Up Hip Hop episode 1

Growing Up Hip Hop is about the first generation of the Hip Hop mogul's children and how they want to make it out on their own. It's a good clean young adult show with no cussing, no bad behaviour and everyone is potentially a respectable role model.

A good introduction to the cast. Romeo is a nice guy and son of Master P who wants him to take over the record business. Somehow I don't think, he  probably said it for the purposes of this show.

Angela Simmons is running her own fashion line and seems a drama queen. She and Romeo also have a little chemistry going on. Though Romeo did tell a friend who I think is her cousin they need to fix her up so she doesn't end up a 40 year old virgin.

There is another girl who is DeBarge's daughter. She didn't grow up as rich as the others but still has been given a hook in this show. She is more a daughter of soul. And the last one is Damon Dash's kid who is pretty cool and level headed.

Overall the show was about some fake package that Angela got, and makes her thinks she has a stalker. If it were real she'd had reported it to the police. However the show is pretty boring and needs a bit of drama. These kids are also well groomed and very privileged so aren't the normal hoodrats who'd fight over the simplest things.

I'm also not sure if Romeo's girl friend is real or for the purposes of the show.

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