Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 3 - Erica thirsty for child support, Mimi is just dumb, and all the other fake drama....

Yeah, so I'm only highlighting the main points of each show this season since it's getting a bit old. It's another hot mess.

Scrappy and Erica Dixon Child Support Problem

Erica Dixon is just another thirsty woman. Hear me out, at first I supported her but then I got thinking - Firstly why wasn't this sorted out a long time ago. Secondly doesn't Erica know that because of Scrappy she in on this show. So even if he doesn't pay child support he has given her a great opportunity to make something of herself - she probably thinks she's on the show due to merit and her great talent.

 She's just greedy, dumb and biting the hand that feeds her. Yes, Scrappy may not be on the opening credits but without his dumbass being in the industry she would still be in that dump that we met her in season one. These thristy chicks don't see the bigger picture.

Karlie, Erica and Rasheeda at the Store.

That is no store! Just a pop up store which will be closed in a minute. I'm not really feeling the made up story line here.

Worse the store looks messy like a dollar store after a 50 cent sale.

Mimi Dumbness

Yes we all get Mimi is just dumb. Even Deb has to say it.

She is just dumb and walks into the most stupid situations first with Stevie J, then Nikko now Stevie J again.

 Oh and she is still in love with Stevie as she blames this Joseline for his drugs problems. Mimi, Joseline isn't the one in rehab or the one not playing child support, that is Stevie J. Dumb broad.

Yung Joc and his women.

who is this man? The reason I knew about him was becaue of Karlie Redd.

 I don't care that he's smashing two women, namely one who pays his bills and buys him clothes while the other is his baby mother. Is he paying child support.

Mimi and Joseline

Mimi in her dumbness meets with Joseline for an apology -like that would ever happen! What planet does this Mimi woman live on? So Joseline goes in about the lady and the maid, also her Mimi's porno video.

Even I'm confused as to what Joseline has done wrong that warrants an apology to Mimi. Dumb. And if its for wanting to fight her, isn't that like part of the show? Stupidness.

K Michelle Returns with Strip Chick Dime.

This is going to roll, another contender for Joseline's crown. Its going to be a hot mess, nothiing more to say on that.

Joseline trying on wedding dresses.

Joseline in tends to have a  white wedding wearing a white dress.  I think that's enough said.

Finally - Should this show be renamed Love, Hip Hop and Childsupport?

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