Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 2 - Yung Joc likes to procreate, Frosts feel fake drama, Stevie J pees in front of a man...boring show!

It was boring but I kept going hoping something would happened. Nothing did. So these are the highlights I got while it caught my attention.

Mimi and Nikko bitching about some book she's written. Why would Mimi go with Nikko to write a book. I'm not convinced this is a real or true storyline. Let's face it, Mimi would have a proper manager buy now that will do bookings and stuff. She will also have a number of publishers even urban ones who will want to buy her story so why will she go for Nikko's barbershop writer? It doesn't make sense.

Yung Joc is fertilising the earth with his sperm, and populating the earth with his children. He sure likes to procreate and hasn't heard of condoms. Interesting, I just hope he is paying child support.

Stevie J is on drugs and being sued for child support. So he takes tests where he needs to pee in front of another man and submit his sample.

Something he's doing for court and failed so now he's off for rehab.

Joseline comes back from where every she was hiding, and talks about anger management.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost in some made up drama about him getting an fuckpad well he calls it a buck pad so no difference, some woman dissing Rasheeda based on her age and all the fake drama that comes with the Frosts.

Stevie confessing to Mimi about his drug problems, which was boring and poor Eva their daughter crying that her father is going away for thirty days for rehab.

Next I think Mama Dee hooks up with her ex. However if that is Scrappy's father I thought he was a pastor and we had seen him a few years ago.  I'm just confused.

Nothing more to say.

Take care of yourself and have a nice day, x

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