'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 4 premiere: Episode 1 - Ratchet TV is back with Mimi, Steve J, Kurt Frost and some new stripper chick.

Okay I just watched the new season of Love and Hip Hop and there are few things that come to mind. So I'm just going to list them here.

  1. Why on earth would Mimi want to do business with Sleazy Steve J? I think it's just a set up to annoy Joseline so they will have beef. Mimi is a woman in need of checks - maybe the sex tape didn't make much so now she's doing business just for a show.
  2. Scrappy's tired old story of not paying child support. Dripping in ice, gold and Gucci, yet Scrappy don't want his child to drink milk. Shame.
  3. Another new stripper chick is in town wanting to be a singer and take Joseline's crown. Okay this may be interesting in a way. I think a set up for a fight.
  4. Kurt Frost gets a fuckpad for wannabe industry hoes. Doesn't he think of STDs or STIs. This was the man who thought withdrawing after having raw sex (without a condom) was a valid method of birth control.
  5. Bezino and Althea - sacked.
  6. Porn Pimp 'Wannabe Ray J' Nikko's wife is now on the show. So is that for a threesome sex tape? The mind boggles.
  7. Mama Dee is out to be the next Beyonce.
Nothing more to say other than it seems interesting. Joseline wasn't in this show, it was more Mimi and the others. Time will tell if this will be good but it will certainly be ratchet!