Sorority Sisters Episode 1: The battle of the boutiques - College educated women coming over looking uneducated, ignorant and stupid.

Another reality show serving of desparate, fame thirsty women who'd do anything for the cameras. For me it is entertainment, for their sororities perhaps disgraceful behavour.

A bunch of 28-30 year olds who just act childish. OMG! What a disgrace to their sisterhood. I just don't get it. It's about a bunch of petty women with bad weaves and terrible dress sense how haven't left their college days behind.I don't get it. Who are these thirsty women? With stupid squeaky voices and stupid hand signs. And who calls their sister a bitch?

What did these girls study in college? What did their degrees do for them? I don't get it. It make no sense that none of them have solid jobs or career.

These women are carrying on old feuds, like how old are they? Anyway it gets started by one starting to bitch about another's boutique. How boring. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Plus plenty of finger wagging, cussing and wanting to fight. If that's how sorority sisters end up, I want no part of it.
Then another goes to find another who she thinks is fake. She finds out she is really a sorority sister. Yeah, like anyone would lie about that connection. Please. Next.
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