Clinically Obese so finally joined the Gym. Virgin Active

So I've finally signed up for a year's membership with my local - or not so local Virgin Active Gym. I'm offically obese. Yes, I need to say that. My doctor has told me it's time to lose weight. I get breathless just walking down the road and sometimes I need to take breaks. Then there are all the embrassing things that come with being obese. Not going there but needless to say it's not fun.

Now it's not so simple to cut down my portions, I tried and okay I'm greedy. I LOVE cake!!! I LOVE Pudding. Understand that and you can understand why my belly hangs below my belt. Now it wouldn't matter if I was a successful Plus -sized clothes designer like Gemma Collins. Nope, I would still shove cream cakes down my gob. But it does because I'm getting more joint pain my thighs rub painfully together and I cannot run for the bus.

I've also tried weight watchers but even though it was simple - I like eating. Yeah, it is what it is.

So I did a tour of gyms as you do when gym are so fucking expensive. Really. I went to Nuffield's but they weren't that welcoming. And more importantly they didn't have a spa. Now when I saw welcoming, it was like they weren't bothered. They were polite but it wasn't like 'let's show you round our facility, what do you want blah blah blah....'. I know they offer free passes but really who cares. They were polite but welcoming and keeness would have been a bit nice. Yeah, just saying.

Then again it was a 'premuim' club however they didn't have a SPA. For the SPA one had to go to their sister club a few miles away. Now the thing is once one is prepared to fork out that cash you start to look for extras. So I wanted a SPA. Anyway I found Virgin Active on the internet and even though it was much futher than Nuffeild the staff where welcoming. They took me round the facility and talked me through the various gym membership options. They are very customer focused.

They also had a SPA. The decor was superb, you can see it was built for social interaction. It was just the decor so it wasn't hostile at all. More important it had a vibrant, cheerful and positive vibe about it. The SPA was amazing. To be fair if Nuffield had a SPA I probably wouldn't have looked around. I just thought for that cash I could look around. Virgin at the time of writing was only about £2.00 cheaper a month.

So I've quit weightwatchers and signed up to Virgin Active for a year. To be fair, I'd probably just end up SPAing most of the time. I used to be member of a gym (which shall remain nameless) a few years ago that had a hot jaccuzi but left because it had damp on the walls in the changing rooms and I was scared of catching something. However it was pretty cheap to join.

So maybe I'll get rid of this double muffin top. Maybe I'll be able to fit into some of my old clothes. I'm so excited at joining. I'll keep you updated. As I go along.