Kelly Price's response to straight Edge, Timberlands and vaseline. R & B Divas LA

R & B Divas LA Season Finale Episode 8: Lil Mo, Michel'le, Claudette Ortiz and Chante Moore finally do their performance.

Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 2: Evelyn confesses to putting Tasha Marbury's chef business in her book. Is Tasha Marbury the new Jennifer Williams bougie princess replacement? Suzie acts depressed. Evelyn Lozada reminds Tami Roman they have to be positive human beings and role models. Tash Marbury gets questioned about the chef story.

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R&B Divas: LA Season 1 Episode 7: Lil Mo keeps bitching about Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson. Michel'le finally gets some performance time, Kelly Price throws another tantrum and it just gets messier!