Mary Jane Gives it Straight about the HOT TUB scene Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Douche bag Kirk Frost and alludes that Bambi is cheating with Scrappy

Mary Jane is somewhat coy about the situation with Fuckwit cheater Kirk -she's not telling us if it was set up or not. She doesn't give straight answers but does tell us there was a tag for it. She got something and I guess it's publicity and a  bit more. The Bambi calls in and it goes a bit crazy.

Mary Jane gets blamed but Kirk was the douchebag. He was the one that cheated on his wife not Mary Jane as for Rasheeda not really sure about that because it seems they sweep issues under the carpet and don't talk about it.

How does cheating help Kirk? I'm not how going around cheating and making a fool of himself really helps him find himself. Moronic imbecile Kirk is having a midlife crisis because he can't see where his life has gone. A nagging 'Boss Lady' wannabe of a wife Rasheeda, Grandfather, lost of children - different baby mothers and now a new baby on the way. Babies are expensive so we can relate but why wild out? As I said the Kirk Frost is too probably too poor to buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari (typical rich man midlife crisis symbol) so he had to result to alleged tricking and cheating on a reality show to get his manhood back.