Andy Murray Wins Wimdledon and the UK Feels FANTASTIC!

Yo, need to drop one for our home boy Andy Murray who just won one for Team Britain - Okay like technically Scotland or factually himself but who cares about mere details. Feeling happy about his win has given me an injection of motivation and inspiration I needed.

It's such as amazing feel to be part of something - ya'll understand as I said Andy Murray is our home boy here. I love it when the William Sisters win Serena and Venus but Murray winning is like a holiday feel at home.  The whole area went up in cheers - best thing next to Blighty winning the world cup. Maybe next time, aye?

So a lesson if there is one - keep on going - everyone improves at their own pace with the right team (Shout out to his very supportive team his mum, wife, coach and family and friends and mates).

Nice to be part of a good thing.

Cheers, Andy - and WELL DONE!