Meagan Good - The lady in Blue - Gets Attention at BET with her dress.

Meagan Good is a great self publicist and knows how to generate attention especially from people with lots of time of their hand - errr.... like me. Let's look at it another way without getting critical about something which really doesn't affect our lives.

Some Points about Meagan Good
  • Meagan is married - happily and seemingly in love - FACT
  • Meagan is beautiful, young and pulled off that dress - FACT
  • Meagan Good's husband didn't really care about the dress - probably happy on the fact most men who give their balls to be in his place FACT
  •  She is a star and going to an awards ceremony - she is not carrying out church duties in that dress - We hope she's not otherwise many a men in the congregation focus will not be on prayer that night
  • The dress was appropriate for the BET Awards if you considered Meagan Good just a celebrity attending rather than a pastor's wife.
  • Meagan probably knew it will get her attention and it did. A buzz generated will keep her in the limelight till her next big project
  • At the end of the day - it's just work for Meagan Good, she can shut her door and just chill with her handsome people because the critics don't know her personally nor does she. So all this is water off a duck's back.
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