50 Cent and Marquise Jackson alleged text message drama. Shaniqua Tompkins tweets sublime messages on twitter

So blogsphere and the internet is full of this alleged text messgae drama between 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) and his son Marquise Jackson. I'm don't believe it because the whole transcript of the conversation was just crazy. Are the text messages fake?I just doubt because they got really nasty and crossed several lines. So I truly hope not and it's just a prank or fake.

The problem who has time to go into all that detail texting? Really? Maybe kids but adults? Nah... something sounds like a stinker. It's just too much effort to keep on typing in all those characters...  There is sometime not just right about the whole affair. However Marquise Jackson's mother Shaniqua Tompkins on twitter seems to be typing sublime tweets. Is she addressing the whole issue?

@ShaniquaTompkin "RT @Oprah: What gets me is Fathers act like they don't realize what they're doing to their sons. When it was already done to them. #FatherlessSons"

You can read the alleged transcript here. on Radar Online. I still think it's a prank or fake.