50 Cent and Marquise Jackson drama spill over and gets worse in twitter drama

It was true! But I still don't think it's how a 16 year old boy Marquise Jackson would write - it doesn't seem like language a teenager would use. Anyway 50 cent finally admitted on Twitter it was his text messages but to claims it was his baby mama  Shaniqua Tompkins pretending to his son Marquise Jackson.

This is so acrimonious - how did things get this bad?

Anyway with loyalties called Marquise Jackson sides with his mother Shaniqua Tompkins - which is natural because she's being there for him through out.  I'm not questioning 50 Cent's fathering skills because one never knows the real story in these emotional situations. I just think  Marquise Jackson is having to take sides and being manipulated by both parents.  

Anyway 50 Cent always one to milk a publicity is now saying he's going to change his will. I doubt it because it will  blow over soon and hopefully soon 50 Cent - daddy Curtis Jackson and son Marquise Jackson can have a good private relationship instead of this public one.

To be fair some families just like having fights in public and then make up in private so lets hope for the best...