Love and And Hip Hop Atlanta season 2– Episode 12 – Free To Ariane sings like a cat, Kirk has threesome and humiliates Rasheed further, Joseline wants to get married,

Ariane wants to sing.

Ariane tells K Michelle she wants to sing on her tour. Now I'm not sure if Ariane wants to really sing or if it's just a way to publicise that K Michelle is doing a tour.

So K Michelle holds X Factor/American Idol style auditions where some singers are good and others are just plain bad. Ariane steps up and sounds awful -  she should stick to supportive best friend role for the time and take more singing lessons.

Anyway some dude on the panel tells Ariane she sounds like a cat dying in heat or something like that and it all kicks off. K Michelle tells him off but the guy is like Ariane is just a bad singer. Ariane doesn't really care because it seems she's using the show to launch her music career. If Joseline can I guess so can anyone.

The famous Threesome - Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline

Mimi gives Stevie J back the keys to the BMW because it comes with strings attached - sexual strings and she doesn't want to go back to that situation or hop on the Stevie J bus. 

But Stevie is persistent so I'm sure he'll keep on trying now that Loser Nikko is out of the picture.
Meanwhile Joseline wants to move in together with Stevie J and takes him house-hunting. Joseline demonstrates a sexual position on the dining table and telling Stevie about what she can with fruit.

 Then the bedroom were fully clothes both Stevie J and Joseline they test the bed by straddling .

 At that point Joseline hassles Stevie J for an answer about commitment and nuptials. Since he isn't making much progress with Mimi a reluctant Stevie J agrees to Joseline - but then what man wouldn't in that position?

It will be interesting to see what happens if their chemistry ever fizzles out. It's mostly sex, sex and sex with those two. I think interuallaully for conversation Mimi is more on Stevie J's level.

 Scrappy, Erica and Momma Dee

Mamma Dee needs shut up and to stay out of her son's business and Scrappy needs to keep his dick in his pants and grow up!

So Momma Dee meets up with Erica who wants child support. Remember back in season one when Erica's mother Mingnon told Erica to get the Imani's child support settled in writing via the court in case Scrappy and Erica fell out? Well Mingnon was right.

Erica let Scrappy off again and was taking ad-hoc payments so now Scrappy is on lock down - in jail - she needs some support. At this point with all the cash Erica is making I think it's mostly about the principle of Scrappy supporting for his daughter rather than the money.

Anyway Momma Dee offers to pay and Erica refuses to take the money. Erica says in the past when times were bad Momma Dee never offered so why now? Fair enough because as I said it's more about the principle of support his child. Anyway Erica decides to pawn the engagement ring and for some reason Momma Dee is glad and actually goes to the store with Erica.

At this point Momma Dee comes over devious. Her agenda is always unclear and it's very very unhealthy for Scrappy. Anyway she has a freedom from lock down party for Scrappy where she invites Erica and her mother.

 Scrappy Freedom Lock Down Party

Erica tells Scrappy about the pawning the ring and he's hurt. So it got the effect that Erica wanted however Scrappy was the one cheating on her.

 Erica tells him their relationship isn't not working. I think Scrappy thinks she could have pawned a number of things rather than the ring. And as I said it's not like Erica needed the money - think of all the appearances she'll be doing with this show... Also an engagement/ wedding ring is usually the last thing people pawn. Scrappy thinks Erica is ungrateful and walks away. Why is Scrappy wearing a shirt with the words 'Scum'?

Scrappy starts to say something either I'm upset - I don't get his strong accent - then Momma Dee starts shouting she didn't raise no punk and Erica shouldn't punk him out. She screams how Erica has 'struck again'  and  at that point it all goes crazy - I get confused.

 Soon Erica's mom Mingnon is shouting and trying to deck Momma Dee.

 Scrappy steps in to protect his mother but Erica thinks he's trying to attack her mother. Some how I think Scrappy acceidently pushed Erica who slips, falls and slides across the room.  "You're going to jail!" she yells.

 Scrappy is taken to another room to cool down where he tells them he didn't do anything. Both Erica and her mother Mignon leave.

Momma Dee must have been saying some crazy things because Erica's mother is usually quiet and dignified. I'm tired of Momma Dee and her toxic ways. At first it was interesting but now it's pathetic and comes over very unhealthy and destructive.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost and their free passes -

It starts off like some bad cheap porno movie starring wasteman Kirk having a threesome in the bed. My jaw hit the floor - this is really bad. Kirk is starring in a VH1 approved sex tape or porno and he had that stupid dumb look on his face.

This clown Kirk has no pride or self - respect to allow the cameras to even film that. Four-earring Kirk is more than dumb. I just don't get it. The most annoying thing about Kirk is that he comes over too calm, very rigid/stiff and emotionless - as if it's not a big deal or he doesn't get it.

Anyway he has a chat with no-neck Benzino who tries to act wise but he's just stupid too. What Benzino think would happen taking a married man away on a Lake Fuck-a-cation? No neck Benzino tells Kirk he has a place in his crib when Rasheeda throws him off.

Benzino comes out will sorts of excuses but the thing is that even though Kirk is a complete imbecilic moronic douche bag Benzino is  just a short man. Douche bag Kirk is tall and has a buff body compared to no-neck Short-ass Benzino. Chicks like tall and buff over short with no neck.

Anyway imbecile Kirk who is just plain stupid...decides it's okay to go public with this Mary Jane chick. So is Mary Jane like his mistress? So they go to Traci's event - here I think VH1 and Mona Scott had a hand in because how else is Rasheeda gonna know all this cheating it going on. Traci is surprised and Kirk and his new woman explain the concept of free pass to Traci.

Traci feeling concerned (as the chicks do on this show when they want to be MESSY) goes to see Rasheeda. She tells Rasheeda about it though she makes it clear she isn't sure if he slept with the women.  Rasheeda goes nuts saying she

can't believe Kirk went "Whoop Di whoop Di whoop" - with some ratchet corner hoes. Rasheeda is like she could take it if it were Hallie Berry but some raggdy ho - hell no! Thirsty bitches.

Then on queue Moronic fuckwit cheater wasteman Kirk swaggers in humming a tune with hands in his pocket. Rasheeda jumps up at him at which point Traci makes a quick exit. Rasheeda starts yelling at Kirk who goes on about the 'Rasheeda's free Pass' and confesses to sleeping with those thirsty women/hos.

 Rasheeda loses it and chases Kirk who runs into the house and locks the back door. Rasheeda runs to the front door. Soon we see Kirk running away into his car (back to Benzino's) and Rasheeda throwing his clothes on the lawn. She gets a lighter but we don't see her burn the clothes - why not just sell them on ebay?

Kirk doesn't understand his behaviour on TV has humiliated Rasheeda. It's bad enough he cheated on her - in such a detailed way - but on camera? In public? Four earrings Kirk is stupid. Moronic Douche bag!

Traci and Drew

Non-eventers and why does baby Drew have a bunk bed? Is there another child on the scene? Hmm.....