R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 10 (Reunion Part 2) - Sheryl Lee Ralph plays mediator, Angie Stone wants another season, Nikki still does Nikki, Syleena still does Syleena and it's still a HOT MESS!

Sheryl Lee Ralph was brought in as a conflict mediator manager and started with Syleena.  Anyway Sheryl Lee Ralph should have hosted because Joe Clair was rubbish.

I'm only covering a few points because it was rather dry and boring though some bits where touching. At lot of issues were dumbed down and the emphasis was on healing, dignity, and conflict resolution. This is where R&B Divas goes wrong. It tries to be moral and righteous and about black women being a 'strong sisterhood' when it's really about some thirsty women wanting fame and money.

R&B Divas is also based on the women being in a sisterhood and role models rather than themselves. So there is a conflict between them acting as role models and their realselves. The fact is each of them wants to be a solo star. So the conflict comes from wanting to be a star and having to remember the show is about solo star. It's crazy.

Angie Stone, Monifah, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyhatt and Nicci Gilbert don't owe anyone anything and if they wanted to be in a sisterhood they'd have joined a choir/band.The 'sisterhood, role model and strong black woman' talk  gets on my nerves because in reality each woman there has a manager and it there for themselves.

What they want is a tour to get more exposure and sell records. Despite how many times they mention God and sisterhood they are all thirsty for money and famous and to be relevant. With a group tour it's easier to sell tickets than if each went individually - which may not be financially viable.
Nothing irritated me more than LaTocha saying she would have to pray on it before signing up for another season. Really? Please what else does she have? She bitches and casts shade on others in a back-handed way and her husband goes around calling other men bitches. She is lucky to be on this show.
And this is also why Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is more successful - because it's about real people's lives - no morals - just living. Plain living. We may be shocked at loser douche bag Kirk Forst,  creeping sleazy Stevie J with no-neck Benzino but it's thier life. As for Mimi, Erica and K Michelle a lot of people can identify with their struggles even if they seem a joke.

So Syleena knowing she was a bitch on the show and cames out with the bullying line as an excuse but Syleena also acknowledged she could have done.  OK whatever. At least Syleena knows because frankly I found her behaviour lacking and disgusting.

Nikki said she came as an embarrassment to her mother. And her reason was because the producers didn't like her which I believe because it was too one sided.  You see behind the scenes pick the storylines to feature in the show and I think Syleena was naive because she was very thirsty for fame so she and her sister got used.

I say this because Syleena got a lot of extra screen time compared to the other women including having her family - mother and other sisters featured, her dvd reshoot and the fitness event she hosted.  This means behind the scenes there was some negotiated.

Anyway at some point it comes out how she and her sister were connected with the tour and where told by 'the wizard' - it must be some big executive - to bring it up on the show.

So now we know there was some stirring and pitching behind the scenes and Syleena was told what issues to bring up.

So finally after an hour of nothing really interesting, the divas were asked if they would do another season.

All of them stayed on the fence apart from Angie Stone who was honest.   She was like YES! She would never turn down TV. Angie Stone knows that with a TV show behind you - no matter how rubbish or bad,it gives her publicity and keeps her relevant -  she will get booked and paid. TV makes sense/cents and dollars. Angie Stone also knows that without the TV show as the engine most of the women's new fame would fade away. Angie Stone has been too long in the business not to know it's all a game - she don't need to speak to these women till the next season and in the meanwhile she can promote and cut albums off this season.  DOLLARS AND CENTS (SENSE)!

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