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R&B Divas LA season 1 episode 3: Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, Michel’le and Dawn Robinson all go to Vegas, Chante Moore is all about female empowerment and self-marrage, Dawn Robinson reveals more about her hurtful and abusive marrage also struggles to have a child,Lil Mo and Chante Moore save the day singing at Boardway in the Hood.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 Episode 14: Kirk blames peer pressure, Karlie has leaking breast implants and begs Bezino for cash for new ones, Mimi gets new breasts, Scrappy want to get married again, Joseline proposes to Stevie J

R&B Divas LA espisode 2: Dawn Robinson and Michel'le talk domenstic abuse, the Divas talk about unplugging vaginas, working mom balance and Kenny Lattimore sues Chante Moore for custody.Claudette Ortiz meets up with Ryan Toby