R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 8: Yet still more bitching about Nicci Glibert with a zero tour. And Nicci Tells Syleena she works for her

It's official, R&B Divas has crossed over to Rachet Reality TV. All season it's being about the Let's Bitch About Nicci Gilbert Show with the exception of Keke Wyatt, Monifah Carter and Faith Evans but the others were just about bitching bitching and more bitching about Nicci.

The so called finale was such a Downer that I was struggling with how to write about it because frankly it was hard watching it and I find it harder even watching it. It was an anti-climax.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is honest. The people there are honest about their lives but truth about R&B Divas is it's about a bunch of failed, has-been singers looking for second break. However the way they conducted themselves on show pretty much points to why they failed in the first place.

I'm happy that at least Keke got her career back on track and so did Monifah.

It starts off when Slyeena giving a listening session for her new music - which sounds very much like everything out there. Happens when you work with the same team. Latoacha starts dancing and giving the speech 'it's the best music ever' - yes but you were in a failed girl group where half of the other members don't even acknowledge you exist.

Anyway I'm thinking it's Slyeena's night, right? Why not enjoy it and have a bit of fun.  I expected Syleena to say 'Angie, this is my night for my music and I don't want to talk about Nicci there.' But there is nothing more Syleena loves than bitching about Nicci and calling Nicci fraudulent.

Oh no, that's too simple for these bunch of childish, catty women. Angie Stone suddenly mentions the magic words 'Nicci Gilbert'.  I'm like oh no, Angie, please not another let's bitch about Nicci Gilbert session. But oh, yes.

It's slowly decsends into a Nicci Bitchfest. Nicci did this and Nicci did that. Boring - it's the same shit these heifers are talking about.

Monifah and Keke come to Nicci's defense because let's face it these girls know a few things about loyalty and the fact the concept was Nicci's idea. But Angie, Latocha and Syleena aren't having it they just continue to bitch about Nicci.

Then I see why Syleena is treading water in her career dispute having a lot of albums. She's bitchy with a nasty mouth on her. And it's not even talented funny stuff like K Michelle's insults - Syleena is just plain nasty.

There is a reason why most failed first time around- Monifah had a drink and drug problem, Keke stabbed her ex-husband in self defence but I think Syleena, Angie Stone and Latocha just have bad horrible attitude.  Angie Stone is famous but not like she should be. Nicci we know is just plain stubborn and doesn't listen to anyone.

Monifah and Keke

Monifah decides the best way to deal with this is ask Nicci over for a  meeting. She also invites Keke and Micheal.  Nicci arrives and she is on the war path. She is very angry and it's probably one of the most uncomfortable things I've watched on TV. Especially when Angie wasn't there to defend herself.

Monifah tries to get a word in but no Nicci just continues to erupt about Angie Stone's behavour. Even Keke comments on how uncomfortable it all was. Anyway things calm down and Nicci explains the situation about her charity and Monifah and Keke agree to help Nicci out.

Now thinking of it Angie should have spoken to Nicci first regarding the status of the charity instead of bitching to the others and having a confrontation.  But then again...

Monifah and Terez

Monifah asks Terez about moving to Atlanta - but Terez refuses saying she can't move down south. Awww...then Terez proposes - and even a hard faced cynic like myself is touched. 

Terez will come as a partner not a girl friend and Monifah starts to cry. Nice rock, Terez. Sweet...

This was probably one of the most 'positive' moments in the show where Terez finally agrees to go live in Atlanta after proposing to Monifah.

However it has a bittersweet ending as Akemi declaring to her mother that homosexuality is a perversion. Akemi seems to have forgotten to bring the is the cross, bible and holy water to cast out the ..... 

Monifah handles it well and says maybe with age Akemi will see things differently - I don't know - doesn't intolerance grow with age?

 Anyway in a roundabout way Akemi accepts her mother Monifah is happy and in a good place however it conflicts with her religionous beliefs.

Fair enough she's entitled her to opinion and at least she is honest about it. Probably Akemi's whole church was watching this so she needed to state her position. Her mother Monifah doesn't seem to bothered about it after all Akemi is still there, isn't she?

Nicci's event happens but we all know Nicci is more passionable about fashion and doing fashion shows than music. There are lots of technical difficulties - the mic wasn't working etc.

Keke threw a diva tantrum and Monifah decided she wasn't going to sing.

Brownstone came on and were terrible but I think it's one of those small events where it didn't really matter. As usually Keke sang very well dispute the poor equipment with her twin brother giving a great performance.

Then all the women gather to celebrate Keke's birthday.  It just descends into chaos.  Keke has a go at Angie for saying things about Nicci's Event's and intesnion. Angie feels disrepected and keeps on saying she is a lady. Well if you are you probably wouldn't have to say it all the time. Anyway for some reason Latocha gets involves and starts to argue with Keke for no real reason.  At that point I can see why working with Latocha in Xscape was a problem.

Latocha made it messy. Keke was telling Angie Stone not to go then Latocha butted in saying the same thing in a different way - basically she wanted to her what Angie Stone had to say.

Anyway Nicci gets involves as well and Angie walks off. Then Syleena started insulting Nicci. It was so bad - her words and behavour - which I'm not going to repeat. Syleena has being very frustrated this season with Nicci and it all spilled out but she is only 36 years old. She should be hanging more with Keke than trying to deal with Nicci who is a lot older than her.

 Syleena has a lot of fans out there on blogsphere but they are not buying her music. She is only 36 years old, I thought she was about 40 the way she was carrying on with her manager-sister being younger.

It really became silly with Syleena going all biblical on Nicci. For me I'd rather someone cussed with profanity than start going all bible verses.  Slyeena doesn't seem to think before she says anything. For example you can call someone a 'fucking bitch or ho' than saying 'baboon or man with a wig'.

And Nicci didn't really say much other than this is too much drama and Slyeena was angry. However Nicci did tell Slyeena she worked for her - so that was adding gas to a fire. Syleena went crazy with the insults. However why can't Slyeena also see she's part of the problem. It's Slyeena and Nicci's issues that have caused tension both are responsible for this in a way.

And it's true because a few years ago Syleena had a record deal with Jive Records and was singing hooks on Kanye West's record. A few years later she is looking ten years older than her actual age and has not reached her so called 'true potential' of her early days.

I think it's possibly the wrong format show for Syleena because she is still seeking an older crowd for her music. She would have made better progress on something like Love & Hip Hop but with her mouth she would have gotten into a few physical fights. Whatever it is Nicci Gilbert and rest don't go physical.

Also Syleena's insults and abuses aren't as creatively like K Michelle so Syleena comes over vindictive and nasty. With K Michelle's insults and abuses - I'm shaking my head but also laughing at the same time. I feel quite bad because I can appreciate her way with words but Syleena's abuses and insults are just ugly.

Latocha tend walks out - whatever. The fact Latocha was new to the group and always casting indirectly shade on her ex Xscape members - Kandi Buress and Tiny Harris (Tiny has always maintained a diginfied silence on the matter to my knowledge)  and Latocha then talking about Nicci behind her back. Remember she is new - just makes me thinks she's a bit two-faced. Then that whole unnecessary argument with Keke in final scene - I can see why the others walked out on her. Unfortunately she doesn't see how she comes over. In fact none of them too.

Angie Stone is the same. Being older doesn't make you wiser. It's a hard one with Angie because everything was in front of the camera - appointing herself leader, being bossy, trying to mother some grown career women - it wasn't going down well. The the ugly camera angles in the confessionals were just distracting.

Anyway it ends on an anti-climax with no tour, no friendships and tattered relationships. I'm not sure what Angie Stone got out of it other than the camera man giving her wrong frame so her nostrils looked liked two tunnels.

As for Nicci Gilbert, well we know Nicci is bossy, pushy and stubborn. She also loves being centre of  attention.  However she also creative and full of ideas about things. She got the concept together, a few people involved including Faith Evans and managed to put it on the air. Nicci had a vision about where she was going with this show - which was ultimately a vehicle to push a tour on.

However what Syleena never came to terms with was this was Nicci's show.  After being on the show I think it gave Syleena's people more room to negoiate and put things together - like the tour idea.  Syleena came in after jumping on the bandwagon and took over. However Nicci Glibert will always have ideas of her own. A bit like Shaunie O'Neal.

We don't see the behind the scenes conflict but it's upsetting if someone you bought in suddenly comes and hijacks the show. However it doesn't matter because Syleena's attitude sucks in certains ways and her mouth and behaviour is pretty much against her.

 Also Syleena's sister-manager is trying to do too many things regarding Syleena which is about short-term money rather than long term career development. For example the fitness DVD - does Syleena actually look like a woman who works out? I think not. Then the weave-hair deals. All these bring in money but they also diminish Syleena's brand in a way.

Will I be watching a season three of the R&B Divas Atlanta Chicks? I don't think so.