Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 10: WTF - Nikko takes White Wedding? Nikko wants Karlie? Threesome with Nikko, Mimi and Karlie Redd? Is Mimi back on the Stevie J bus?

Karlie Redd meets with Mimi to tell her Nikko is trying to get his leg over her. Yes, he is trying to hit it and get low and dirty with Karlie Redd.

Mimi isn't impressed but it get worse because loser Stevie J wannabe told Karlie that Mimi was still on the Stevie J bus. So Mimi fumes about being called a liar, deranged and damaged goods. Anyway I think Nikko sorry-ass was too poor for messy Karlie.

Mimi then storms in into Nikko's house. The guy is a waste of Love and Hip Hop space. He looks too damn poor! Maybe he belongs on some refuge camp in Africa IO aint buying he's had the money. He has a desparate look about him.

Anyway Mimi slings insults and Nikko is like you are supposed to be my woman and you had a WHITE WEDDING. I'm like WTF White Wedding? So Nikko explains - the White BMW, Mimi dressed in white then Stevie J rolls up decked up in white too! I'm cracking up with laughter! Anyway Mimi starts to abuse him and it rolls off poor-man Nikko. He's like you are deranged, you are damaged and you are playing me for rebound.

Mimi storms out but the Nikko shouts - Him, Karlie Redd and Mimi - can have a threesome. Mimi storms up to him and starts to rant. All she does is push up her face in his and calls him a loser, clown, bitch etc. Nikko takes it.

Nikko eats shit and swallows deep. To be fair to him he should have just walked away becuase it could have got out of hand. I'm thinking is Mimi on Liquid Power again?

Anyway Mimi comes away saying she's being through the trenches with Nikko - I guess a few fellatio and sexual encounters plus an appearance in a wack video count as going through the trenches with a man. Whatever.

Ariane trys to bring Mimi and K Michelle together at church but it anit happening.

Especally when Mimi is eating crow and humble pie with the Nikko situation.

Joseline and Stevie J make up again. I swear it's because both miss the booty call.  Anyway it seems Joseline's career had being downgraded from international stardom to looking for a broke-ass independant label like Rasheeda.

Well, the stardom dream seems to be  over but not the sex for those two. Stevie J is like Mimi is hard work but Joseline is putty in his hand. Stevie is a jerk and even when we forget we get reminded about it.

Scrappy starts to behave like a moron again. Gets in trouble wiht his probation officer and calls Erica up. This is why Erica gets fed-up - in real trouble Scrappy calls her otherwise in time of happiness it's his sideline hoes & bitches. I agree with Erica on this on. Momma Dees give Erica the side eye and asks why she is there? Moron Scrappy is like he needs her support. What about Shay, you dim-witt?

Where was Shay Bucky when all this police problem was going down. Anyway all I get is that it's never Scrappy's fault. He needs to take some responsibletiy for his actions.

Did anyone notice Erica rubbing Scrappy on his forearm to comfort him - are those two on again? That is more than a gesture - it's was a rather intimate signal of concern and don't say it's her babydaddy.

Traci goes out with another track-record cheater who gives excuses for cheating. Whatever. The guy turns up in a cheesy horse drawn carriage. Romantic - maybe what happened to a nice dinner?

Rasheeda and Kirk are still acting like Bitches in a Pod. I have no time for their drama. It's really not that interesting even though Kirk is just crazy! But Rasheeda too has her own craziness.

Kirk goes around threatening to take her off the bank account - whatever - the only thing he can do is clear it unless Rasheeda clears it first.  It's a mess. These two argue like they are in their house.  Even her manager tells her she needs to be more professional.

And for some reason Rasheeda compares her pregnancy to Beyonce to the new manager and the new manager shakes her head and tells her not to even go there.

Mimi, Stevie J and baby Eva play happy familes by go out to the park - for some quality family time.

Stevie J notices the alleged fake rolex is gone and asks Mimi about it. Mimi confirms she has returned it. You can just see Stevie J rubbing his hands in glee thinking of next step back into Mimi's bed.

It ends with a Erica and Shay Buck coming to blows at some party  Traci is involved in. I'm not too sure how it started but why does Traci think Erica can talk to Bucky Shay without some drama. Traci can't even see Drew's women without making a huge fuss and spiting out microwave bitches and hoes. Why should Erica or Shay Bucky be any different. Anyway Shay Bucky gets chucked of the event for behaving like a hootrat.

To be fair Erica was fairly dignified about the whole thing but Bucky Shay was in hoodrat form. It went a bit crazy and I didn't really understand the whole reason bucause after all Buck Shay wasn't at the lawyer's office it was Erica.

So that's it...