Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 9: Nikko gives Mimi an alleged fake Rolex then calls Mimi is deranged and damaged. Kirk is still wearing four earrings, Benzino give K Michelle a diamond necklace - more insults, fights and drama.

It Just Gets Worse

The situation goes from bad to worse and there are so many twists and turns that I'm trying to keep up. Stevie and Joseline meet and Joseline starts to whine about her record deal and getting the advance from it. She also accuses Stevie J of sleeping around - sticking his dick in everything or something like that. She also mentions buying TVs for hos....I think she means Che Mack.

Stevie J tells her the big international record deal is off but I wonder if it was really on in the first place. They trade insults again and Stevie tells Joseline that he owns her  and where he puts his beefcake and pipe is his own busness. Then he walks off with a girlie leather back pack. It really looks something a teenage girl would carry. So I guess Joseline and Stevie J are officially broken up.

 Next is K Michelle going in for some damage control with Karlie Redd. We know K Michelle has beeen told to clean up her image however Karlie Redd tells her about a dis-record.

This boring and they suspend the water chucking and glass throwing to later in show.

Rasheeda talks to her mother who agrees with the rest of us that condom-and-pull-out Kirk is a bitch. They think four-earring Kirk is having an affair but I don't, I think Kirk doesn't really care about anything and comes over a complete asshole.

 Rasheeda is checking his phone but maybe she is looking in the wrong place. The question should be does she still love Kirk?  I'm not sure I buy Kirk's style three earrings on one ear and one on another. Strange man. Anyway Kirk seems to imply his relationship with Rasheeda is more a business one with benefits - than a marriage and partnership.

Later on Kirk meets up with his battleaxe mother-in-law. Nothing much apart from lots of insults she called Kirk a bitch, and coward. She tries to lay her paws on Kirk but he walks away. Kirk doesn't care - he is like help is paying the mortoage or giving checks.

With Joseline clamping her thighs together and shutting out Stevie J he decides his next line is back to Mimi. He meets up with Ariane who gives him the information he needs. Mimi is having problems in her new relationship with Nikko.

We get to see Mimi doing her a photoshoot for her new venture. She is all dressed up in a maid's outfit when Nikko walks in.

Nikko comes into Mimi's shoot seeking attention and behaves like a loser. He is disruptive to the photo-shoot and plain disrespectful  telling Mimi to put her leg up like it's some porno shoot. Nikko is an embarrassment.

Mimi gets annoyed and then Nikko wants her to wear something and gives Mimi a Rolex - Mimi goes all industry hoe on him and asks him why doesn't it have diamonds on? Mimi is not impressed with the dinky Rolex. Mimi is high maintenance industry chick.

Mimi implies that Nikko is a cheap muthafucka by getting her a small dainty Rolex while he has a big chunky one with diamonds. Maybe that's all he can afford.

Anyway Nikko asks Mimi about to come to a video release party but she is angry about the cut she's seen. Apparently she didn't get enough screen time as the leading lady. OK.   Mimi is HIGH MAINTENANCE! Nikko suggests the video release party would be showing a different cut.

Benzino and Steive J meet up and restart their bromance again. Bros before Hos or something like that. Benzino complains about being single and wants a nice woman.   If only Benzino's brain and penis thought in the same way and agreed. Benzino's brain says the right thing but his penis loves industry hos.

Now that Stevie J shut out of Joseline's bedroom and kittykat  - basically Stevie has been officially dumped till Joseline decides she needs to dial-a-dick, Stevie J decides it's time to get Mimi back and Benzino tells him what he wants to hear - go for it sleazo!

Stevie J goes meets Mimi to test the water and is encouraged by her response. They get a bit cosy and Stevie J is all sleazy in his Stevie J way and looking at her new tattoo.

Somehow Mimi invites Stevie J to the Nikko Video screening. Oh boy! 

How it all ends

Benzino also makes a mysterious appearance at K Michelle's birthday and gives her a diamond necklace. Karlie Redd seethes with jealousy saying he gave a diamond necklace with diamonds in it. It was more than she got. Who cares?

Well Karlie thinks because K Michelle didn't give her a slap at the first meet-up it was okay to give her a dis-record for her birthday. What happened to bubble bath, some nice perfume or chocolates? A dis record? For real? It didn't go down well.

Karlie Redd sings about  the alleged R Kelly scandal and Memphiz situation. K Michelle isn't impressed and it all kicks off with glass and water throwing.

Highlight of the show

Looking rough, unkempt and poor Nikko starts off the night by calling Mimi his  lady, friend and companion. Then announces the video.

Mimi is all dressed up with Ariane waiting for her big appearance. Two seconds - flat and she is out. If you blinked you'd have missed her. The video was rubbish with two men - Nikko and Johnny hogging the screen. They should have given Mimi more screen time - it would have made it classier.

Then Steve J walks in. He made an effort and looks better dressed than Nikko. Actually Nikko looks like a tramp and homeless hoodlum next to Stevie J.

They all sit down and Stevie looks at Mimi's new Rolex watch and declares it a fake. He says this to Nikko's face. Then he gives Mimi a present. A new BMW. Stevie J knows how to up stage.

Nikko tries to engage Stevie J in a fight but for some reason the girls (Mimi and Ariane) are more excited about the car. I would be too. So they all go out to see it. Ariane jumps inside and so does Mimi. Then she tells Stevie J she hopes there are no string attached. Stevie J says no but we and Mimi know it's unlikely to be the case.

To be fair a dinky allegedly fake Rolex can't match a BMW. Nikko is pissed off and starts to make demands about the car. It's going to be put in the garage. Nikko asks if Mimi is still on the bus or with him.

Nikko is disrespectful in a worse way than Stevie J.  Mimi feeling insulted starts to argue with Nikko. Nikko calls her damaged and deranged which was out of order.

Then Ariane starts to pull her away - we can tell Mimi has had a few drinks as it's mostly liquid power.  Nikko demands she stays at the video screening but Ariane just pulls Mimi away to go.

  She is right - how can you call a woman deranged and damaged in public and expect her to stay with you.