R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 7: The Nicci and Syleena foolery goes on and Angie Stone and Latocha continue to bitch about Nicci Gilbert.

This show just gets worse and more toxic as it goes on I'd rather watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta where the characters are honest about their situation.  If you want a kick ass review check out After Ellen Recap - after reading mine of course.

So let begin - Brownstone agree to reform at Nicci's house. Whatever...

More bickering with Latocha and Angie getting involved in the Nicci Drama.  It's so negative so I'm goind to touch on the good points.

Terez is thinking of marrying Monifah and speaks to a friend about it. Then she has  a conversation with Monifah's daughter Akemi. 
Akemi is struggling to understand since is she a devoted christian but then concedes that God loves everyone.

Latocha and Angie try to get Monifah to come in on the Nicci bitching because Nicci had invited them on to sing at some event when she really wants to relauch Brownstone.  Monifah doesn't say much - actaully she does tell them they don't need to sing if they don't want to.  It seems it's ignored and the Nicci bashing and bitching goes on.

Syleena airs her family issues in counselling with her mother and other sisters.

Self appointed leader of the Group Angie Stone goes and confront's Nicci Gilbert about some charity event. The conversation doesn't seem to go down well with Nicci and it's more drama again!

And that is about it...

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