R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 5: The Divas do a LA AIDs benefit while Angie Stone and Latocha stay behind to gossip in Atlanta.

Sheryl Lee Ralph invites the girls to do an HIV/AIDs benefit concert however Angie Stone and Latocha can't make it.

Latocha is busying chasing her career with hobbit Germane Durpri who tells her she is a has-been in a nice way. At some point before the meeting she has dinner with her mother and sister where she casts shade on the two former members for not going singing - yes Kandi and Tiny. Why can't she accept they have moved on?

Then while the others are singing their heart out for HIV/AIDS awareness Angie Stone and Latocha get together to discuss the tour hen bond bitch over Nicci Gilbert. I expected better of Angie Stone for some reason - why get involve in petty drama.  Latocha from the mere fact she is always casting shade on Kandi and Tiny comes over fake.

The real story

The other girls get toghether to sing - all they have being affected - Monifah - her brother, Nicci - a cousin and Keke a relative.

Keke gets scared about going on stage and crying but Sheryl tells her it's okay.

The concert is nice - tears but they get through it.

Best Moment

Keke giving her children a Sex Education talk with a microwaved hotdog which she eats afterwards.

Saddest Moment

Keke giving her story about her relative getting cut and not wanting her mother to dress the wound in case of infection. Same with Nicci about osratcrising and sitgma her cousin got.

Happiest Moments

The singing - each of them performing on stage.