Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 – Episode 8 – ‘Mimi goes from whiny baby-momma to angry yelling girlfriend, Shay gives Scrappy Deep Massage, Traci and Erica bond then arrange a possible Scrappy's Women Boxing Date, Joseline gets Jealous and Insecure again over Che Mack, Steve J calls Joseline a prostitue, Nikko looks like a poor man version of Stevie J with jail time.

We start yet another show with more of the same whining, yelling and foolery.

  • WTF is Scrappy up to?
  • Why does Mimi keep on yelling with her veins popping out of her neck and jaw clenching?
  • Is Joseline afraid that Che Mack is the new her?
  • Has Mimi hopped off the Stevie J bus to the Nikko train?
  • Is Nikko really Stevie J's twin brother?

Mimi Drama

The show starts off with Mimi yelling at Ariane about friendships. I'm confused because Mimi seems to have transformed from Whining Moany Baby Momma to Yelling Angry Girl Friend.  Before she was whining about Stevie J now she just yells about K Michelle.

After calming down Mimi asks Ariane what she thinks about her relationship with Nikko. Ariane is diplomatic and tactful. All Ariane says is that Nikko can be unautheitic and she doesn't think he is right for Mimi.

Erica drags Mimi to some pyhic priestess woman who just asks leading question. We find out alledgly K Michelle is fake in her friendship to Mimi. Also a dude supposely Stevie J however it could be also Nikko because he is from Mimi's past is trying to get back in  a relationship with Mimi. We assume it's Stevie J but could be equally Nikko since he's being around a long time in her life.

At some point Ariane ends up on K Michelle's couch discussing Mimi. K Michelle isn't really that bothered and tells Ariane never to bring drama to a gig again.  I understand because it could have affected her performance.

Anyway they blah blah blah again until K Michelle says Mimi has jumped off Stevie J's bus and is on the pink bus - train. Actually. Nikko is all about trains. Anyway Ariane justs says Nikko and Mimi are just sleeping together.

Then we get Mimi and Nikko taking a whole load of rubbish and all I notice is how old and tired Nikko looks. The man looks like he has been homeless on the street for a minute.

 He look so old or someone just out of rehab or on hard times- that baseball cap must have being hiding a lot. But the thing also that strike me was how much he looked like Stevie J - Stevie J version of poor man on hard times.

K Michelle

Just to re-enforce the idea K Michelle may be a fake friend we see her having a meeting with her A&R man Alaska and some media training - celebrity strategist telling her to think about her brand and she needs to be nicer person. Think of her public image - she is great singer and talented songwriter but image needs some creating.

Well fake. The drama should not become bigger than the music is the warning.  Art K Michelle is proud and telling them how she has sold out shows but at some point she realises these guys are professional. If she wants her fame to last it needs to be about less about drama and more about music. I co-sign there!

Anyway K Michelle decides to change - but not that much I guess otherwise she'll be too boring. She just needs to find a balance which will come with maturity.

 Kirk and Rasheeda

Kirk is still acting like a punk, a bitch and loser.  As for Rasheeda I'm not really sure because with all the arguing they are still boring. More boring and irrelevant than Traci Steele. Yawn. The worst thing is all this is on film for the unborn child to see. What a bastard man - Kirk needs a good kick up the nuts. Kirk is such a fucking immature loser to come on camera say those things. To be frank, I can't stand either Kirk or Rasheed.

Scrappy Drama

What is it about this man? Maybe he is polygamous.  Anyway there comes a scene where Shay Bucky is giving Scrappy a massage. It was a proper deep tissue massage - the man lives well.

 Then they sort of exchange massage love vows.  WTF? What happened to Erica? Another thing is that Shay Bucky and Scrappy have more chemistry on screen than Scrappy and Erica. So not sure what is going to happen there...

Erica goes on a play date Traci (with their kids, Baby Momma-R-Us). They bond over microwave popcorn hoes and bitches - until Erica calls Shay Bucky one. Traci doesn't really answer but urges Erica to meet and talk with Bucky Shay over their issues.  Is that in a Las Vegas boxing ring? Who will win? My money would be on Bucky Shay because she is thicker but Erica is meaner - not sure.

Anyway we later learn that Shay Bucky is now back with Scrappy because she can't keep away. Traci without  Drew become agony aunt and tells her she needs to break it off.

For some reason she goes back home and starts asking Scrappy questions in order to start a fight - Do you love me? Why did you propose to Erica? Why did you sleep with me? - those kind of questions.

 After a while she pushes Scrappy of her house which is funny because he is still holding his glass of either Koolade or cola. What really funny is that outside as he shouts he is holding a glass of water. So I guess some of that was set up.

Joseline Drama

Joseline is green and blue with envy. She is so jealous and insecure of Che Mack I'm not sure what to say. Slowly Joseline evolves into Mimi and calls Che Mack Rachet Ass bitch. Anyway at a photoshoot Stevie tells Jealous Joseline to apologise to Che Mack. She is pissed off that Che Mack is now Che to Stevie J. She threats Stevie J about beating him up if he is cheating on her....well what about when she was side riding with Mimi?

Joseline hair looked fantastic by the way in the confessionals. It really suited her and bought out her beauty.

Apologies come easy to Joseline as we know from series one with Erica. Joseline will admit when she is wrong and can hold her own if she doesn't get angry.  Anyway after she agrees she goes for a topless and booty photo shoot with Stevie J. 

Later in a restaurant Che Mack, Stevie J and Joseline all meet up. Joseline apologies to Che Mack who accepts then tells her about the TV Stevie bought her. Joseline isn't impressed and feeling threatened in an insecure way of her stardom walks out.

After a chat with her booking agent where Joseline is wearing a ridiculous pair of shoes she decides to  finish with Stevie J.

She and Stevie J meet up and Joseline is looking really classy and sophisticated. Anyway the same old conversation starts but for some reason I'm not quite sure it turns ugly. I'm not sure what Joseline said to make Stevie J snap - maybe it's being too much complaining about her project.

Anyway he snaps and tells her they are finished. Then they start to exchange insults - it turns mean with Stevie calling her a prostitute. I've never heard Stieve J refer to her as a prostitute so it was a little strange - also Joseline called Stevie J a bitch. Anyway Joseline walks off and Stevie J follows her they are surrounded by the VH1 security as if they are ready in case it all kicks off.

Joseline drives off in her new car - and Steve J opens to door - what happened to central locking?