Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 7: Ariane tries to mend friendships in a sensible way, Scrappy finally tells Momma Dee to back off, Fool Kirk thinks withdrawal-pullout is an effective birth control method, Mimi gets liquids courage to confront K Michelle, Joseline tries to sucker punch Che Mack in strip club, Erica wins pretty contest over Shay Bucky,

 Just a summary of a few things that stood out....

RESPECT Ariane - finally someone who stands up for what is right!

I didn't have much time for Ariane until this series and she is totally respect. The way she stood up to those two fools Nikko and Johnny and then Mimi was a class act.

Anyway she invites Mimi over to talk over the situation and Mimi starts starts whining about K Michelle spoiling everything. Ariane is quick to tell her that PAB (Pussy Assed Bitch) Johnny didn't handle himself well and then PAB number two Nikko instead of calming the situation started to pick on K Michelle. She said those two PABs tall grown men with pubic hair started to pick on a tiny woman who only has a big mouth and attitude. And to be fair that's all K Michelle is - all mouth unless there are some waxed candles nearby.

Anyway Mimi is still fronting but Ariane invites her to New York to talk to K Michelle. Mimi is still fronting but accepts because after all it's a free trip with Mona Scott and VH1 paying.

Scrappy and Momma Dee

Finally Scrappy stands up to his mother and tells her she went too far with the End of Engagement Cake and he wants her out of his buisness because she is crazy.

Momma Dee then apologises - even Scrappy was shocked and asked her to repeat her apology. Momma Dee tells him again but in the confessional says Mission is accomplished since ERICA IS NOW GONE!

Rasheed and Kirk

Most annoying couple. So Rasheed wants to have the baby Kirk doesn't because he already has too many kids. They start blaming each other over the pregnancy. It's pretty simple. It take two to have a baby.  And if PAB - pussyassedbitch Kirk didn't want any kids why didn't he get a vasectomy or something. What a useless uneducated man! He takes it out - withdraws! What an asshole!

Erica and Shay Bucky jam at an event

Okay for sizing up with the two Erica is far more prettier than Shay Bucky. Done.

Che Mack and Stevie J

Stevie J wants to work his magic between Joseline and Che Mack.

Like always Stevie manages to avoid the question if he's in love with Joseline. He doesn't give a straight answer.

Benzino gives Kirk a lecture on birth control

Benzino tries to talk sense to imbecile Kirk who thinks the withdrawal-pullout method is a valid method of birth control.

Traci and Drew - yawn, boring.

Time wasters Traci Steele and Drew - time wasters. The argue again about video hoes - who cares. Then some dude steals the money. I think the whole thing is a setup - fake just to introduce Traci and Drew to the series - who know?

 It just sounds really shady after all the boasts that Drew was a solid business man. Shady shade please we anit fools watching.

Momma Dee and a Dog trainer - not sure how this is relevant. Next.

Che Mack and Joseline fight in a strip joint

Joseline gets defensive with Che Mack. Che Mack is okay but Joseline goes in disrespectful. For some reason Joseline thinks Che Mack wants to be her? Really? I didn't get that impression. Anyway it goes crazy with Che Mack and Joseline get physical. Not sure who started it but the security got involved.

Stevie J is like he created a monster in Joseline but I think he enjoys the drama and is still going to work with Che Mack. After all I think Joseline is insecure just a season ago Joseline was the Che Mack type.

Mimi, Ariane and K Michelle

Mimi thinks Ariane should be on her side because now K Michelle went on a radio show and said Nikko was on the down low. Err... I think K Michelle already said it last episode implying that Johnny and Nikko were bedmates.

Anyway Ariane and Mimi go to K Michelle's event. Then Mimi starts bitching at K Micehelle who loses her temper and hits her with flowers.

The thing is K Michelle is performing and it's not really a nice thing to do. Mimi is pretty much a coward like her boyfriend Nikko who can only take on her friends and tiny K Michelle. What about Joseline? She knew Joseline would wipe the floor with her so she never tried anything but with Ariane and K Michelle she suddenly gets bold over this man she's know for only a minute. Please. By the way who is looking after Eva while Momma Mimi flies to NYC to fight auntie K Michelle?

 However Ariane suddenly accuses Mimi of having liquid courage - so it's the liquor talking - cool... now we know. As K Michelle says Mimi has left Stevie J's bus for the Pink Bus. Ouch!