Love and Hip Hop Season 2 episode 6: Traci Steele does Angry Jealous Black Woman; Stevie J, Joseline and Che Mack may be a new love triangle; Mimi turns Video Hoe for Nikko; K Michelle causes trouble by calling some dude called Johnny; Kirk and Rasheeda are still whining

 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta - another episode of mayham, insults and slurs. Just writing about highlights.

Traci Steele and Drew - loserville hits again.

Traci Steele does her impression of angry jealous black woman to a couple of candidates Drew has lined up for the business venture. Are those lips real? Or just bee stung? Traci without any provocation starts to call the girls 'hos'.  And editing or no editing this episode she was portrayed as a hater and jealous ex-girl friend.

Drew seems used to her and pretty much is all about the greenbacks he just wants her backing for the business. He doesn't care either way what Traci thinks or feels. He will put up with all her tantrums and ranting once he gets the investment cheque/check.


She goes to lunch with her sister who even tries to reason with her about doing business with Drew. Why do business with Drew if it upsets her so much. Her answer - because he does business well. It runs deeper than that because if were only about the cash she would hand it over and not try and get involved in the venture.

K Michelle, Johnny and Nikki

K Michelle makes a comment about some wannabe called Johnny. This bitch-assed john is listening in to ladies conversation and proceeds to hasrass K Michelle about it. 

Nikko and Johnny bully K Michelle. Right there that Johnny dude acted like a weak bitch. Nikko been real stupid goes in as well on K Michelle. Does anyone know that K Michelle's mouth is a machine gun. Anyone who gets in her lane needs to be read for her mouth.

Some of what K Michelle said to the Nikko and Johnny
  • “You’re PMSing, eat chocolate” says K Michelle
  • “Move away from your roommate. You have a roommate in Atlanta. Rent isn’t that high boo boo in Atlanta. This is not New York. 1,000 dollar rent and you split it? Get the fuck out of here.”

In the end Nikko was talking empty threats like he thinks he's some big name. Telling K Michelle she'll never work again. Sit down fool. Silly man. Where does Mimi get these men from?

Anyway it all kicks off and K Michelle is dragged off the scene by Ariane. Mimi comes back and starts screaming at Ariane.

How come Mimi never went that hard at Joseline?

 K Michelle goes and get Ariane and Nikko calms Mimi down.

Mimi is fuming about her day being spoiled when Nikko corrected her and told her it was HIS DAY and TIME WAS MONEY. You see this stuff, I can just see Stevie J laughing his head off.

 K Michelle Quote from VH1 blog

Joseline, Stevie J and Tattoo Girl- Che Mack

Stevie seems to have the hots for tattoo girl Che Mack - she does look a bit like Joseline though. And what Mimi said last season about Stevie loving to pick up strays and save them is coming back to haunt her. Clearly Tattoo girl is another potential Joseline and Stevie J can't stop himself from sniffing around her.

He even made his way to her projects house - which was nicely furnished and carried her a new TV. The man has a way. Oh did I mention he met Mimi and accused her of running with a knock off Stevie J?

Scrappy, Bucky Shay and Momma Dee

It seems Momma Dee's behavour is getting to Scrappy now. He just wants her out of his life - he even goes so far to say his not her father, brother or husband. He want her to butt out.

But I think this should have been said years ago.

Anyway Momma Dee throws him an 'end of engagement' party with Bucky Shay there. Bucky Shay isn't impressed because as she said - they fight and make up. Just because Scrappy is mad at his mother now doesn't mean things won't be okay later.

Bucky Shay is like she doesn't want to be used by Momma Dee and she totally over Scrappy.  I think she is there for the exposure and the check.

Scrappy hits his father for advise and the man tells him the truth. KEEP YOUR MOTHER OUT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. Scrappy then goes on about text messaging that Erica found. His father is like is it true and Scrappy admits - yes. But he only wanted to know if he still had the touch. If girls would still want him due to all this drama Erica is putting him through. I don't know what to say. Actually it's quite simple  - he's not ready to settle down yet and is running scared.

Four Earrings Kirk and Rasheeda

Boring, boring and boring. At least Drew and Traci are irritating and annoying. This couple just to whine all the time. So Rasheeda is pregnant and Kirk is still behaving like a female dog - bitch.

Nothing else worth talking about.