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R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 4: Latocha and Rocky cast plenty of shady, Syleena's Momma makes an appearance, Sweet cutie Brandi appears on show to help Mom Nicci with ratings and Keke and Micheal have a romantic dinner.

This is just a general commentary and summary rather than a full recap.

Rocky and LaTocha.

This couple cast shade like the night. For real.

The show starts off with Latocha, Monifah and Syleena with their managers. That is Syleecia, Rocky and some fat man who manages Monifah.  Nicci is absent and so is Keke who isn't feeling the tour. Anyway Syleecia defends herself regarding the e-blast however all the other managers seem to think the tour is a good idea.

Then for no reason (or maybe it was edited out) Latocha's husband and manager Rocky calls Michael a bitch. You know Keke Wyatt's husband manager. I'm shocked and so is Latocha who seems embrasseed. She asks Rocky who and Rocky just shrugs and says Micheal shouldn't have spoken with Slyeecia about some things. That Micheal was being negative instead of progressive.

Suddenly I'm seeing a different and ugly side to Rocky.

Then Latocha visits Slyeena's photoshoot for some hair and starts to whine about women not supporting each other. Anyway at some point she's invited with her sister to feature as Xscape the group at the So So Def concert.

The other two don't turn up (Tiny and Kandi) and then Latocha starts to cast shade on them but she doesn't  mention any names. However I will. Kandi Buress is doing very well with her own show Real Housewives of Atlanta and has her own show. Also Tameka “Tiny” Cottle doing brilliantly with her own show, fine family (with TI) and her clothing line. Apparently Latocha went around throwing all sorts of nasty accusations back in the day about Kandi Buress so things turned pretty ugly in the group.

To be fair it's very hard to be in a band with two sisters. They will dominate and probably Latocha and her sister Tamika did. Anyway as I said the others don't need the money to perform as Xscape - I wonder who owns the rights to the band's name? Jermaine Dupri or the Latocha and her sister Tamika Scott? 

Anyway we see a very tiny Jermaine Dupri - had the guy shrunk with age? Even Latocha is taller than him. Anyway she is doing a Joseline and Karlie Redd from love and Hip Hop talking about her career. All I can say is that her performance on the night was off key and she needs to practise her runs a little more often.

Pretty Brandi comes back with drama

Nicci's cute daughter Brandi was back again. I like Brandi - sweet, pleasant and cheeky. Now from last season I figured Brandi only appeared with Nicci didn't really have a good edge to her storyline and the reason was last season we left Brandi going to train to become a stylist in New York and her mother Nicci was sponsoring her course.

However this season all of a sudden Nicci informs us that Brandi is waiting tables at restaurant and trying to pay bills. I'm like what happened to the whole fashion stylist training. Remember her vision was to have Curvato for Teens?  See the link for Episode 7 where Brandi features

Anyway it happens that where Brandi was waitressing has gone out of business and she suddenly needs a job.  So Nicci offers her a job at Curvato. Again.  Now this is the same job she was doing last season.

As you know this is one for the team Mum Nicci's brand so Brandi just plays her part with Nicci going crazy over some made up drama. This time there were no clothes for the photo shoot. Jakeem also got a mention as well - remember him as Nicci's assistant last season.  Here is a picture of Jakeem and Brandi trying to look serious while Nicci gives them tasks last season.

What I really think happened is that Nicci was unhappy with Syleena getting air time for her hair brand so she decided to get some for her brand Curvato.

Keke and Micheal

Keke and Micheal go out to celebrate two years of marriage - I thought she had like six kids however it transpires they have been together for five years.  Anyway Keke is thinking more babies but she know that Micheal has his hands full.

He is still training to be a pastor, the manage stuff and being a dad. He gives her a pair of earrings - I think real diamond this time and they really seem like a genuine couple. Their relationship works for them. Nice.

I wonder what Keke will say when she finds out that Rocky called Micheal a bitch? You know Keke doesn't suffers any foolery when it comes to her family. It's a pity they don't do reunion shows.

Syleena and her mother

Check out Syleena's hair range

The 'issues' story. Syleena and her mother have  issues but the mother seems to have problems drinking and smoking. Anyway another sister suggests she should say with Syleena. We get the usual  Iyanla Vanzant Heal Your Life about Syleena and her mother. Apparently she thinks her mother doesn't like her. Also she thinks she isn't spending enough time with her kids  and she's bad mother and bad daughter.

Well Syleena goes to see Monifah about dealing with her mother's addiction. If you remember last season was all about Monifah's addictions and her desire to have a baby hmmm...I wonder where that idea when. Anyway Monifah tells Syleena it's her mother business and not hers. Right but not so easy...

Anyway Syleena's mother comes to say and Syleena starts to give her ground rules.

  • No bossing me around
  • No telling me what to do
At this point we can see why it's hard to like her. Syleena is just a difficult person. Her mother gets all defensive and starts saying you can't tell me what to do and that Syleena is the child and she the mother.  To be fair Syleena came over quite rude and aggressive. There are ways to say things without being aggressive.

Then the nurse sister tells the mother than Syleena thinks the mother doesn't like her.  The mother does that old trick of saying she loves her - yes but does she like her? Anyway the sister asked again and the mother said she did like Syleena. but they are alike.  Syleena says in the confessional why is it she is only like people when it comes to the negative.

She shows her mother her room and for some reason they all bond. However the mother says something that is really poigniant and sad. She says all her family are in heaven (dead) and now it's a new family - perhaps she always felt removed from her children. Who knows....

That's all I got from it. No Angie Stone, No Faith Evans and very little Keke Wyatt.



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