R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 3: Nicci reveals all in her blog, Messy Tour business and drama. Monifah does a show case and Keke Burps in a business meeting, Nicci bitches about the Johnson Sisters

This was a long show about nothing in particular so I'm just giving a summary about the whole thing with a few highlights. So much drama about one tour


The Tour

I'm not sure if this tour drama is this real or fake? I give the benefit of the doubt so let's roll with this show. Anyway this show is one big moan, whine and bitch about this tour. I thought last season it was agreed they'd all go on a tour but apparently that's not the case.

So after Syleecia - School-teacher-sister-manager mentions the tour in the next minute the tour company or booking agency goes and put out an e-blast publicity about the tour and the girls are not happy.

Slyeena is now working with Bangladesh who looks like a shady dude in front of a keyboard.  I couldn't even understand what he was saying because I was distracted by another dude decked out all in jeans wearing a wolly hat.

Nicci shows Faith who goes on about her Dollars and Cents/Sense thing. It's got to make dollars for her to leave her house and sense.  Nicci grumbles that it's shady.  Faith is going to tell her lawyer to send a cease and desist letter. We find out later Monifah's manager had done the same.

At some point they all meet up except Syleena and everyone bitches about the use of their image without their permission. Nicci Gilbert makes it a Johnson affair saying it's Syleena and her sister's fault. She says Slyeecia Johnson should stick to teaching students. Nicci goes in hard.

Angie Stone just says once the price is right it's okay.

I'm not sure what the resolution was but I guess that's the story for this season. Will they or won't they go on tour.

UPDATE Apparently Nicci Gilbert (according to her blog) was going to arrange a tour as part of the show - you know she is executive producer with Faith Evans. Well due to some situation or another Syleecia Johnson muscled in on the idea and did her own thing - this is why Nicci feels some shade. Read Nicci Glibert's version  here posted on her blog Nicci Gilbert R&B DIVA DIARY " TRUTH ABOUT THE TOUR". There are a few supportive and critical (Slyeena stan/fan) comments.

Keke and Micheal for a business meeting

The couple head up to the Big Apple New York for a meeting with a big time management company.  Michael and Keke have a banter in the car about the tour and general stuff. Keke complains about Micheal and tells him he needs to think about the tour as well. Michael is like he is working on other things.

They arrive at the meeting  and Keke starts to misbehave like burping and making funny faces. She's just so excited she becomes silly. However the bottom line is it's a business and we know once a management company thinks you are talented and they can make money they will sign you.

She complains about the tour but the CEO tells Keke to keep her options and to look at it from the point of it's about her getting exposure and building up a following - like when a young unknown opened up for Rick James. He was called Prince. Keke is then sort of convinced. They tell

Monifah's Big Night

Monifah does a show case. Terez opens for her - what exactly does Terez doe? What is her job? Is she Monifah's PA? What happened to Monifah's daughter Akemi from last season? Was she not there? Okay that's covered.

Oh before I forget the venue didn't have dressing room facilities - not even a small office so Monifah cut her wig/weave in the bar area. Hygiene factor? Health and Safety. I shake my head. Oh also Queen Lafifah - Dana Owens can't make it.

Anyway she invites the girls  up to close the show but Slyeena isn't there. Apparently it was her kid's birthday - okay whatever.

The Johnson sisters - Slyneea and sister Slyeecia school-teacher-manager  bitch.

They bitch about the others and Nicci calling Slyeecia a school teacher - aint nothing wrong with being a school teacher. Anyway Slyeena is like why are they blaming her sister when it's the booking agent. At this point I don't care anymore about this senseless bickering. However next week it's more bickering. bitching and moaning about this stupid tour.