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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 episode 4: K Michelle deals with Girly Kirk, Erica applies breaks with Scrappy, Joseline calls Benzino Granddad and a bitch. Irrelevant Traci and Drew waste more than Ariane. rs

This had got to be the funniest episode so far with my favourite characters K Michelle and Joseline giving it the best. I think both should win awards for their comic timing and humor.

 I'm just going to run through the main events giving a summay according to story lines and my opinion.

LoserVille and irrelevant - Traci and Drew.

Two others more irrelevant to this show than Ariane - Traci and Drew. We have Traci wanting to invest in Drew's business. She keeps on whining on her 'Family'. That is her,  ex (yes ex)Drew and their son. This is even more confusing than Stevie J and Mimi because Traci and Drew are no longer in a relationship.

It's stupid because it just seems that Traci is still in love with Drew which is why she is so angry about his hoes or girlfriends or lovers. She keeps on saying it's bad for son but the thing that really go me was when she said her son called her 'Megan'. Hmmm... that made me think that perhaps Traci did not have custody of the child otherwise no way the child would forget who his mother is.

This story is contrived and a non starter. Traci should move on. Find another good relationship with another man and provide a stable environment for her son. She is too old wanting to fight women who have nothing to do with her and are none of her business.

K Michelle Drama she deals with Kirk and her sad Wooha!

Kirk is stupid. Point blank stupid thinking he can talk sense to motormouth K Michelle. It was the funniest scene ever. So Kirk swaggers in and starts to tell K Michelle that she shouldn't be throwing candles at people.

At first K Michelle is reasonable until Kirk starts preaches about Rasheeda. Then she snaps and starts to hurl insults at Kirk. To be fair he was asking for it by going to see her.

Anyway she tells him he and Rasheeda are in a lesbian relationship and gives an imprompt performance calling Rasheeda a has-been with no career.

It's so crazy I nearly choked with laughter.

Then K Michelle invites her new BFF Mimi. Mimi asks if K Michelle could write a song for her new man.  Mimi confesses he's not really new but someone she's know for a while. This brings K Michelle to talk about relationships and her vagina.

K Michelle complains about her wooha (vagina) is not working and needs rehab. She says Wooha only comes awake with Jack Daniels so she is going to see her gynecologist about it.

Her wooha is numb and needs to have fun.  Mimi doesn't really know how to take it. Then K Michelle tells her about Kirk coming to see her and then says it's the reason she doesn't have a man because of man like Kirk being in the universe.

The gynecologist give K Michelle a once over and tells her she is find. K Michelle is unconvinced but the doctor insists it may be more emotional and she needs to move on. He suggests she goes online - eharmony. K Michelle is not impressed. She like she's spent too much money with her hair, breasts and teeth to go online.

The gynecologist doctor then asks what type of man does she likes. K Michelle says she likes Obama. The doctor asks why. K Michelle is like because he looks like he smells nice.

Erica, Scrappy and Momma Dee

Credit to Scrappy he's handling like a real man but I think it's beyond him. Ultimately both his mother and Erica want him to take sides but he's trying to keep neutral. He handles it maturely but I'm not sure that is enough. Erica wants him to stand up to his mother which he had done but not in the way Erica's want.

Erica finally wants to put the brakes on their relationship  - I think if it's true it's probably because now she has a lot more because of the show. Still from the show's point it doesn't matter because Shay Bucky is on stand by. Anyway Scrappy thinks Erica's break up is partly true and partly their pattern of make up, break off, on and off.

The main issue is that Erica and Momma Dee dislike each other to the point it could come to blows.  It's so bad that Erica loses all sense of reason and logic and just goes crazy. Momma Dee is already at that point and doesn't really care so it's explosive.

Scrappy tries to reason with his mother and told her that Erica just snapped. Momma Dee isn't convinced but accepted things happens.

 However she does tell Scrappy that Erica is disrespectful.  I just think that Erica has a very bad temper.
It's always going to be like that so Erica and Momma Dee should accept it.

 It get so bad that Scrappy goes and asks for advice from Kirk. Scrappy meets  pu$$y-a$$ed wannabe man Kirk at the strip club. Kirk is dressed like some colour blind teensager. Who the hell is Kirk to give advice? That's how bad the situation is.

Scrappy is like the situation has being like this for ten years so what does Erica expect now.

Dumb Kirk doesn't really have anything to say - I guess Erica thought with marriage on the agenda things would change. Anyway they end by stuffing dollars down a strippers thong.

Joseline Stevie J and Benzino.

Same old story about the sex and professional life of Joseline and Stevie. Too much business and too much pleasure.  Joseline is walking down an abandoned and deserted street - not a good look because it looks like she is working the block like a hooker - that is the sublime message. They could have arranged for Stevie it meet her at a restaurant or something. So like a trick looking for a hoe Stevie J's SUV slows down and Joseline jumps into it. It's all the sublime messages this show sends out.
Well same old drama about Joseline accusing Stevie of not caring about her.  Stevie says the right things and soon Joseline and Stevie are in bed together again.Joseline tells Stevie about what Benzino told Karlie.

She tells him that Karlie and Benzino watched an online video of her and then Benzino told Karlie he's slept with Joseline. Stevie isn't impressed because we all know that Joseline is straight forward and honest. She's not going to lie about sleeping with a man especally we she doesn't see sex as such a big deal.

Later on - like in a mafia movie style - Joseline and Stevie J pull up the parking the lot of Benzino's office. J

oseline confronts Benzino who doesn't really deny it. Ah... so it appears he has being telling lies.  She calls him a bitch, grandpa and liar.

 Then she accuses him of trying to sleep with her by sending her 6am texts. Benzino says it's about business but Joseline is not having and shows Steve J the text messages.

Benzino calls Joseline a prostitute and an escort. That's petty and mean but it's typical short man sydrome. Joseline still screaming goes and waits in the car.  Then Benzino starts to lay into Stevie J for not standing up for him and letting Joseline run her mouth.

Stevie says he just wants to establish the truth however Benzino doesn't answer Stevie's questions and keeps on bitching. Both declare their friendship over.

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