R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 2: Syleena shows anger and hostility issues, Keke Whatt insults Angie Stone - the bickering just gets worse...and Monifah shows true love for her food

R&B Divas - the only show where the women actually eat! Be real now have you ever seen food touch the lips of any other reality show stars? You may see them at restaurants but they are usually just drinking cocktails.

The show opens with Faith going to see Syleena who just bitches at Nicci Gilbert. I'm done with this fake assed drama. Faith coolly tells her it's about making dollars and sense. She is doing this to pay bills so it needs to get resolved.

We then get an introduction to the newest member LatoCha and her family. Her husband and and manager Rocky seems pretty cool and is a bit of a joker. We see them playing happy families in their kitchen. The couple are telling their son he needs to eat well when Rocky tells his son that all the girls at school probably things he has a cool good looking father. Both son and Latocha aren't impressed with that comment. However it's just a joke. Latocha mentions there is tension in the group.


The girls are all seated munching on deep fried chicken wings and drinking wine when Faith appears with the ANGIE STONE. Does anyone see how much Monifah is always stuffing in her mouth? We know it's free food but control yourself woman.

Anyway Angie lectures them about going on tour actually it's more like a sermon and preaching. Keke thinks it's about her but Angie says it's about everyone. Then she brings out her HOLY ANOINTED OIL. You got to be kidding me! Anyway she tells them this is what she uses to keep bad things at bay. Okay.

The reason why Keke is cool is because like Joseline in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta she is honest and open. She brings up the fact she is uncomfortable about people knowing how much she earns. We all know since Slyeena's sister is arranging the tour there are fears that she might know all this. Angie tells her it's not a problem once her manager - Michael puts in a clause. It's all about contracts - girls.

Nicci then sets off about Slyeena mushing, pushing and fighting everyone. She drags Monifah into it. It seems Monifah is more pissed at Nicci disturbing her stuffing her mouth with food so she goes off.

Syleena calls Nicci a liar and they just bicker like a bunch of hood hoes. At which point Angie decides she's had enough and goes about casting out Satan with her HOLY ANOINTED OIL.

Monifah starts to shout and grabs her bag saying they should resolve their differences and she is tired. To be fair I just think Monifah was full and so having been well feed she decided it was time to go home. Anyway she gets called back and Angie suggests they pray.

They pray but Keke is like it's fake prayer since the situation is going on. Monifah sets off again. I'm not really sure why Nicci and Slyeena have drama. Maybe someone slept with another's husband back in the day. There must be a man involved somewhere. I still don't get it - to be honest despite all excuses it still seems made up. Even Monifah - if she put that much effort in her singing her notes will be off the wall.

Anyway Slyeena confides in Angie they seem to be picking on her because she used to have anger issues. So we establish - anger and hostility issues. I'M CONFUSED.


Nicci invites Faith to bitch about the group. Nicci is like she doesn't like women who puts her hands on other people. Does that mean Slyeena has being fighting people? So LaTocha joins them and Nicci starts to bitch about Slyneena saying she has anger and hostility issues. She even goes as far as saying the Monifah and Keke feel the Slyeena issues. Wow!


I'm still confused - is Slyeena a bully or not? At least prove it by showing some footage or scenes otherwise it seems made and fake. Monifah never gives a straight answer if she thinks Slyeena has issues or not - all she is like is that Nicci needs to resolve the situation.

Okay so even though Nicci and Faith are executive producers there are at least six other executive producers so maybe it's some behind the scenes drama that is acting out on the screen. Maybe some of the other producers want Slyeena's on the show.


Latocha and Keke go shopping together to get to know each other. Latocha things Keke is a little strange - I think people are not used to Keke's honesty because she says what she thinks. Anyway it goes well and they decide to double date.

During the double date Keke is like she is happy about meeting Rocky and Latocha because she had no friends there. Latocha seems suprised. I think what Keke means is that rest of the R&B Divas are more like co-workers and associates but not what she would call friends. And I agree to a point.

Rocky give Keke some good advice saying she should channel all her emotional energy into her singing and talent. Use it as a way to express herself.


Angie speaks the truth to Monifah. She thinks she is in first class and the rest of the girls are in coach. She thinks they need to develop a first class attitude. So she decides to call a lunch.

At the lunch she starts to talk and Keke is like she doesn't want to do the tour becuase she isn't old or something.

Angie Stone is like she was embarrassed about the last time they met. She warns them if she gets about interruptions or rudness she is going to walk out. I doubt it because this show also gives Angie Stone exposure to a new audience.

Anyway while Angie is saying stuff Keke decides to do some ordering which Angie takes as disrespect. The start to argue and Keke is rude and comes out with about she doesn't need to tour because she isn't old. I think she means an old-has been. It hits a nerve with Angie who then walks out. Keke doesn't really care because she is like all this chat and talk doesn't pay her bills.

The others are shocked but that's Keke. However when she leaves Nicci goes after her and apologies her Angie Stone telling her that the team needs her. Nicci also tells Angie that Keke is hard work.

Keke is like she is being treated like a three year-old.

Anyway Angie goes back to the table and Nicci starts to applogise again. Then Slyeena butts in about her story and how Nicci disrespected her. OK. Angie is like it's not about Slyeena and Nicci drama but we can see Slyeena is gaming for a fight. Keke goes in like Angie is treating them like children and for some reason it becomes a quarrel. Keke takes her bag and walks out.

and in the confessional calls Angie Stone an 'OLD ASS BITCH'. Is there going to be a reunion show?

Anyway Nicci goes outside and calms Keke. Keke is like she is not a child - yes she does have six/seven kids and also her mother is in Kentucky. Angie has no right to speak to her like that. Fair enough. Nicci says she knows Keke and Michael pay their own way and bills but can she just ride it out. Keke considers it and then agrees to back in.

For some reason Angie backtracks and says she doesn't want to be their Momma and she tells Keke that they should talk in private if there is a disagreement. Keke just turns her face and rolls her eyes.

There it ends. I'm still confused about the Slyeena drama.