Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 episode 3:Everybody acts Crazy - Erica fights Momma Dee and Scrappy, K Michelle waxes Rasheeda with a candle, Joseline says Benzino has tiny genitals and Mimi may have finally replaced Stevie J

The season started off dull but it's gone from zero to one hundred in this episode. Where do I start? It's not so much the girl fight but it's the comic humour that also makes it funny. Did anyone notice that when Stevie J saw Joseline in club he was all mouth - that's because we know Joseline has whip and knock him out. No one can challenge Joseline when it comes boxing - male or female she will win. She proved it last season.

One question I have why do all the women have the same shade of lavender lipstick in the confessionals? Are they saving on make up?

I'm going to be going by story lines.

Erica and Scrappy Drama

I'm not sure where to start here but it ended with an explosion. Anyway Scrappy told Erica about Bucky Shay coming to see him at the studio and how she was all sad and crying. Erica wasn't impressed and thinks like all of us Shay Bucky just wants to get back with Scrappy.

Scrappy also told Erica he thinks his mother was scheming with Shay Bucky. Erica definitely isn't impressed and it's agreed that Scrappy will have a talk with his mother Momma Dee.

Scrappy goes and talks to his mother. With Momma Dee it's pretty much in one ear and out of another. She just went on about how much she didn't like Erica. Scrappy then told her she needed to be happy and respectful of his choice and situation. He didn't understand why liking Erica the mother of his child was so difficult for his mother who would rather be in carhoots with Shay Bucky.

Mamma Dee started going about her kingdom and Prince of the South theory and even Scrappy thought she was carrying it a bit too far. Then he proposed that maybe they should all have dinner together - Mamma Dee can make some nice fried chicken and macaroni cheese and come break bread with him and Erica. Mamma Dee isn't convinced but agreed.

Scrappy then told Erica about his idea while they went shopping. He looked a bit like a celebrity wearing over sized girly shades. They did some horse play with the trolley and settled to talk about the situation which Scrappy squeezed some fruit in the fresh produce section.

Erica wasn't convinced it was one of Scrappy's best ideas but agreed to it anyway. On another note she looked very thin like she'd lost a lot of weight so her face though still beauitul looked very angular and harsh.

The dinner happened. The two Moms come in with food. They all have a nice prayer though Momma Dee goes a bit crazy on some of the prayer bit. Erica dished it all out nicely and then then Scrappy who seemed surprisely mature decided it was time to resolve differences.

He started by asking Erica's mother why she didn't believe him about his intensions to Erica. Momma Erica is surprising cool headed and said it was based on his past experences - cheating, doing dirty on Erica, and his general irresponsible behavouir. He told her that there's been some positives as well otherwise Erica won't be there.

Anyway Erica comes in and starts shouting. The thing is we all know Erica has a big mouth on her. We talk about K Michelle but aleast there is some logic.

Erica just goes off at one at this point I've lost the story but it's something about 'respect'. Instead of talking calming she starts to shout and scream. Soon Mama Dee joins in and all of sudden Erica jumps up as if to hit either Mama Dee or Scrappy I'm not sure.

Scrappy World War breaks out and soon the producers and behind the scene security guards are getting involved.

Erica's mother holds her back. Her mother is a very calm woman - she must be shaking her head at the kind of family her daugther wants to marry into.

 Scrappy starts yelling he want back his ring! At one point they are outside and someone drives off in a Mercedes.

I'm still not sure what's happened but get this Momma Dee is now at for war. I'm also not sure how Scrappy can ever deal with is intended wife and mother get physical with fists. Something will have to give - either his mother or Erica.

 But like most men Erica gives Scrappy the one thing his mother can't - SEX. So he will be back with Erica soon however I'm not sure he'll marry unless he'll make a few dollars from it.

K Michelle and Rasheed

It all kicks off with Karlie Red singing in the studio. Rasheeda goes to visit her and after a while it turns to their common enemy - K Michelle. Karlie wants to do a dis-song but Rasheeda calls K Michelle a ZOO ANIMAL and doesn't want to waste her time.

 There is definitely no love lost between all parties especially when we all know the truely talented K Michelle now has a Warner Brother record deal. Jealous girls? I think maybe just a bit. Anyway Rasheeda confides she isn't happy at the thought of meeting K Michelle at Mimi's house warming party. Karlie and Rasheeda continue to bitch about K Michelle and insult her - calling her crazy etc.

The day of Mimi's house warming arrives - I swear I've seen the same apartment in either R&B Divas or Basket Ball wives. Maybe the realtor rents to reality show stars. Anyway Rasheeda walks in and K Michelle is sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar and Ariane is on the sofa. Naturally Rasheeda joins Ariane on the sofa.

Things are going very well when either Mimi or Ariane asks about this K Michelle and Rasheeda drama. Now I suspect they go a cue from the producers behind the scenes - well it all kicks off with 'bitch' this and 'bitch' that. I'm not sure who started but Rasheeda seems to be doing a lot of the talking.

Rasheeda goes about K Michelle slagging her off in the blogs but K Michelle reminds her of the instagram incident. OK - I remember that clearly (last season) and I was so disgusted with Rasheeda's behavour and language. I was like what was her problem. It went so out of control - because Tonya Wright never said a word but Rasheeda just carried on the drama. Anyway fast forward but to this season's episode.

In a battle of words we know K Michelle wins hands down - just like in a battle of fists Joseline is Queen Bee.

Anyway after some huffing and puffing Rasheeda takes her small frame and walks out. She is nearly out of the door with K Michelle drops 'Say Hi to Kirk and his three ear-rings." Now not being from Altanta I didn't know what that meant but Raheeda goes nuts, loco, crazy and rushes back to K Michelle. Wrong move.

We all know K Michelle is a thrower like Evelyn Lozada - whatever is in reach is a weapon - this time was a candle. K Michelle kicks her with feet and throws the candle on Rasheeda. At the point the secruty comes in to part them.

It was the funniest fight scene I'd ever since - these two tiny women trying to fight and the security lifting Rasheeda with one arm and carrying her out of the jiont. Later I find out K Michelle was implying Kirk was gay.

Oh and she also threw in that Rasheeda lacked any talent and rapped like Low Shawty. Ouch.

Finally with the drama over the VH1 security allow Rasheeda to go. Then she suddenly on the rooftop and Mimi runs after her. She explains herself to Mimi saying bitch this and bitch that. Whatever. Ariane comes and joins them saying that K Michelle is crazy to be doing stuff like that. Why is K Michelle crazy, just because she stands up for herself and sticks to her story? And who is Rasheeda to say K Michelle is a liar when as K Michelle says it's not as if Rasheeda was living under the bed to know all the details. For some reason they all laugh it off and seem to be on Rasheeda's side.

So Rasheeda rushes off home and tells Kirk. Kirk starts fronting saying he's not gay - he's a real street hood cat. Whatever. How can K Michelle disrespect his wife like that and he wants to talk to her about it. It's not K Michelle's business if he wear four or three earrings.

 And he is going to have a word with K Michelle. This is exactly the reason why Kirk gets called a bitch. He's acting like a female. In the end Rasheeda needs to sort it out. It's very stupid that this big man is going to talk to some pint sized tiny woman about his wife. It's K Michelle - just leave her alone but hey it will be fun because we all know K Michelle's mouth will finish him - bring it on Kirk.

Then Rasheeda is like K Michelle is jealous that she is married to Kirk. Hmm... I doubt it given all the scandelous and horrible rumours surrounding Kirk and Rasheeda. She even goes as far as to say K Michelle sleeps with everyone and whores about. Check - who has a major record deal now? Not Rasheeda I can tell you. Whose husband was involved in alleged vindictive and horrible internet rumours? And whose husband later on questions his wife's fidelity in a clip? Not K Michelle. So people who live in glasshouses should not throw stones.

On the other hand K Michelle meets Mimi and applogises for messing up her house warming. Whatever. I'm not buying it - I think the VH1 producers just set it up for K Michelle and Rasheeda to knock heads. Anyway after a lot of shallow talk Mimi acts tough and tells her to never disrespect her like that.

It's a pity she can't tell that to Stevie J but whatever K Michelle is way smaller than her. K Michelle is apologic and says sorry again however there is also drops in there is as much chance as she being freinds with Rasheeda as there is as Mimi and Joseline. I disgree I don't think the Joseline Mimi drama is that deep because none of the involved parties - Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi have ever commented on alleged threesomes together.

Mimi and Stevie J

Not much this show. They meet in a resurant and Stevie J is questioning her where she lives now. She tells him in Atlanta. He is like what about access to his daughter? Mimi is like they can get a schedule. He tells her he will find her but then he starts his old tricks like saying how good she looks etc. For some reason Mimi is resisting his charm and he thinks there can only be one reason she's found some new d$ck.

 He asks her straight out if she is seeing anyone and she doesn't answer. And for the first time we see Stevie does quite know how to take it. So the starts the normal boast and flexes his muscles then asks her for a kiss. She is like no. He goes to kiss her but she turns her cheek and that's it. If Mimi is truely with another dude cat, Stevie is out.

Joseline and Stevie J

Joseline is my favourite because she is honest about her intensions and what she wants. Anyway with her new booking agent Dawn is she is at club doing a gig. Dawn gives her the fee and she pockets it. Stevie walks in and starts to talk to Joseline about his cut. Joseline steps up to him and tells him she wants her contract. Now you all know Joseline can punch a muthafucka knockout style.

 Stevie J had been there during therapy and it wasn't nice. So he just talks all mouth. Also he knows he's going to creep back to Joseline for sex now Mimi is no longer on the agenda so his hands are tied. He just says a few threats and Joseline and her booking agent Dawn walk out.

Joseline then confides to Dawn that she has a lawyer who says she doesn't need to give Stevie J anything till she has seen her contract. Great move Joseline - I'm glad she seeked legal advice.

Anyway Joseline feels out of the loop so she called Karle Red to find out what's happening. She know Karlie Red is a gossip so she just wants information.

She meets Karlie in the park. Joseline asks Karlie about her and Benzino and Karlie is like they are still kicking it like dating. The it goes all vulgar - well Karlie lowers the tone but doing some kind of hooker moves about her vagina. Joseline who is very decent and ladylike compared says rubies. Karlie is like diamonds - Joseline disagrees and says rubies are good for her. Anyway Karlie drops a bombshell that Benzino said he had sex with Joseline. Also

Joseline is not impressed. Apparently Joseline implies that Benzino has a really small and tiny penis and she likes to at least be able to hold a man's genital in her hands. She also likes a good lick and feel. No way will she go for his short man - small dick type. It is one of the funniest scenes in the show. Karlie claisms that Benzino showed her a video of Joseline giving some self-pleasure. Okay let's be real here - he could have stolen that from Stevie J.

We know that Stevie J is alleged to have filmed himself and Eve so it's not unreasonable for Stevie to have filmed Joseline and left it laying around. It's a non -issue. Just because short this short ugly no-neck man has a video of Joseline it doesn;t mean anything. It's not exactly as if he was in the video. Now that would be proof. Karlie probably thought it was strange and weird he had it so he lied that he slept with Joseline.

Or maybe a threesome with Joseline and Stevie J where ugly man Benzino had to watch but not touch.
UPDATE - Apparently it was an online video of Joseline masturbating. I remember when people were accusing her of being transgender she up loaded a few pictures of herself to prove them wrong. Still it's pretty sick that Benzino would be showing a video of his friend's girl playing withself to another woman. Shady loser.

Joseline is pretty angry about it. I'm not sure why Benzino would lie about sleeping with Joseline but I believe Joseline because all through this she has pretty much only been with Stevie J. She doesn't mess around. But we all know according to Joseline Benzino has a very small and tiny dick.