R & B Divas Atlanta Season 2 Episode 1: Monifah, Keke, Nicci now allowed say bitches and hos - LaTocha Scott joins the show and the bickering, quarreling and Diva attitudes continue...

A lot has changed in this show - so much. First I think they decided they needed higher ratings so out goes the postiveness, clean language and respect - in comes the cussing, profanities and bad language (there is is lot of talk about bitches and hoes) - there is also a lot more screaming and shouting than before but then again a lot of bloggers on Youtube are talking about it so it must be the right way forward - less classy more Love and Hip Hip Atlanta style but without the men - well unless you consider Micheal one.

The show starts with Keke Wyatt going to sing the national anthem at Martin Luther King day. Well in typical Diva style Keke starts her drama. They tell her she'll be singing with the band when she thought it would a cappella so the band starts but in a different key so Keke doesn't bother sing complaining that the band is in the wrong key. Now as the band has started playing the national anthem they can't stop so Keke ends up not sing. The pastor is like maybe they should have practiced first - I think so too.

Nicci 'Drama Queen' Glibert

So Nicci is singing in the studio even though she is supposed to have lost all passion and wants to be a fashion designer however we know as she is the executive producer of this show somehow that isn't the truth. Yes both Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans are the boss chicks on this show.

Anyway continuing from last season she goes on to some chick about trying to find her passion again. Hmmm.... could she have some real issues, please? What I do know was she out sang every else at the Essence Festival last season after pretending to have no passion and she also forgot to introduce Sleeyna.


We get to Syleena who is bitching about having issues with one of her bosses - Nicci Glibert and Syleena is still annoyed about what Nicci did at the Essence Festival. Anyway for some random reason I didn't catch she invites all the women over for dinner at her place. This is the only reality show on TV where the girls actaully eat meals - if notice all the others they might meet in resurtants but they never eat.

Monifah is still hooking up with Trez who is actually a big girl - I mean like big womanly but also sort of manly as well. Strange one. Anyway Monifah complains about Slyeena and Nicci and says 'Hose down those hos". Are Nicci and Slyeena now hos?

Dinner at Slyeena's house: Mushing is new word of the day.

Nothing much about from Nicci arriving and then it all kicks off. Slyeena's sisters says something about them going on tour and somehow Nicci Glibert has a bigger and better idea. Slyeena and Nicci start to argue and bicker over Slyeena mushing and pushing others around.

The biggest issue is like how can they all go on tour together if they can't get along? Simple - most of the bands don't get along - you just have separate dressing rooms and come together on the stage for practice and the show. It's like the office you don't need to love, like or get along with your co-worker to work - just be professional.

Keke kindly explains what mushing is which is when a person put their hand on your head and tips it. She is like no one will ever do that to me. Slyeena denys it but apparently she'd done it to Monifah and a friend of Nicci so maybe Slyeena is really a hoodrat.

Anyway a lot of shouting and screaming and then Syleena throw Nicci out.

Monifah and Nicci Glibert work out

Really? Those two having a jog in the park. Please. Anyway it's really time to bitch about Slyeena time. Monifah peace maker is tells Nicci everyone needs to get along. Nicci is like she doesn't like Slyeena and doesn't want to be her friend either. Maybe it was second boss lady Faith Evans that signed Slyeena for a second season. Or maybe it's just planned drama - who knows?

Nicci thinks Slyeena is a bully because she mushed Monifah - Monifah is like it's her own business and be fair she could alway get Trez to mush Slyeena back. The chick is built like a bouncer bounty hunter. The Monifah starts to act all hood with her hoodie - how old is this chick?

Big Jim rehearsals.

Big Jim who worked with all the big names is leading the women in reshersal for a Chaka Khan tribute at the Trumpet Awards.

Nicci starts to whine about having no passion in music and about how she left it with big Jim however that wasn't true because they resolved their differences later on in the show by having a drink together - check out back review/outlines of my blog.

Anyway they all come in one by one - Big Jim tells them Faith Evans can't make it - so there is a stand in called LaTocha Scott to take Faith's place. You all know that Faith Evans was just executive produsor to lend her name to the project so she doesn't really have a big role as she has many other projects she is handling at the moment.

Anyway Keke starts to practice and mess about with the song then Big Jim indirectly calls her unprofessional - Keke is like she can play if she wants to. Singing is her profession so she knows what she is doing then she walks out. To be fair - Keke has one of the best voices on the show so I couldn't really see where Big Jim was coming from.

Red Carpet at the Chaka Khan Tribute Night and Trumpet Awards.

Keke is late. Well so they all say. Monifah with wife/husband Trez is there as well. I see glimpses of the others then Keke arrives in style, works the red carpet and poses for all the cameras with her handbag hushand Micheal in two.

The performance.

My favourite singer is Keke - only because she sings likes she means it and from the heart. She also has a great tone.

Latocha was second with a great tone and rich voice.

Slyeena was okay but I think her comfort zone is more old soul and jazz numbers. Monifah sounds more early 1990's soul - she is a good vocalist her voice is more like Edina Howard - singing hooks on hip hop beats kinda voice.

As for Nicci I'm not sure what happened on the night. Nicci is a great technical vocalist but her voice came over gravelly and rough.

Till next week....