Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Episode 2: Mimi moves out, Steviefights VH1 security, Shay Bucky tries to get back with Scrappy

My take - Let's keep it real
Nothing much happened this episode so it was as dry as last week. It's just the same old stories but I think they are tired now. Frankly, both Joseline and Mimi have accepted each other and Stevie J so it's not as real as last season. It's just words.

Mama Dee knows Scrappy is torn between her and Erica so it's just words for the show. Shay Bucky just wants some extra show time so she can get paid. However maybe they can put some drama into a tired storyline.

Now bits worth commenting on in the show

Joseline and Stevie J

The show starts with Joseline saying she slept with Stevie and babbling about what she calls work then cuts to Stevie J in a teeshirt.

He tries to sweet talking Joseline. Joseline goes on talking about bad energy with Mimi and how she thinks Mimi has wasted 15 years with gutter-rat Sleazy Stevie J. Well it seems that Joseline now has been with Stevie for at least 2 years so what extactly is her point here?

Anyway, Joseline then breaks up with Stevie J  because apparently Stevie J hasn't delivered on his promise to her about making her a star. That I agree. She is only famous in fastasy love and Hip Hop Atlanta land.

Scrappy and Erica

Yawn, yawn, yawn. They are talking about mothers - his mother hates the wedding idea and her mother hates the wedding idea. OK. Now Scrappy is saying he needs to get to know Erica's mother. I'm thinking the woman should already know the father of her 7 year old grandchild but it seems not.

Anyway Erica acts proper saying she needs to know him by his birth name Darrell and not Scrappy.

Mimi and K Michelle

Aren't these two supposed to be boxing out each other over something K Michelle said? It seems K Michelle is nowMimi's best friend BFF - what happened to Ariane? Anyways they are in the gym and Mimi is whining about Sleazy Stevie to K Michelle. Doesn't she get tired complaining about the same old thing time and time again? When she watches the show she must realise her storyline looks like one whine after another about Stevie J and Joseline.

K Michelle keeps it real - how can Mimi stay at Stevie's J house to keep Joseline away from him - it's stupid. Her main concern should be her daughter. Can't fault K Michelle's logic and wisdom but Mimi doesn't really think that way.

Mimi says she is leaving Stevie J but K Michelle doesn't look like she believes her the Mimi says in the confessional that she is looking for a new house and Stevie J broke his promise. She should know by now that Stevie always breaks his promises.

Joseline and some woman.

Some woman is bigging up Joseline's ego and asking about her about her contract. Who is this woman? Anyway Joseline wants to get the contract as if that will make a difference to her situation - why doesn't she just contact a lawyer and find out what exactly she's signed up to.

Mama Dee and Shay Bucky bitching about Erica

Shay is like Erica is controlling Scrappy - well excuse me I think it's his dick. Anyway both women are planning to break up the relationship.

Scrappy and Erica's Mom

Erica's Mom is interrogating Scrappy about his intensions with Erica - about time too. She asking why now, how is he sure he isn't going to cheat on her (Bucky Shay?) and all those other difficult questions in-laws ask.

Scrappy is not really giving any straight answers but who cares - very boring.

Joseline and Stevie J

Joseline and Stevie are arguing about her contract. Get a lawyer, Joseline - simple.

Mama Dee and Scrappy

Mama Dee bitchs about Erica to Scrappy. Boring. Then Shay Bucky launches her own attack - even Scrappy is confused about his Mother and Shay Bucky association. Now Bucky Shay is complaining about being hurt and is about to cry.

Now Scrappy says he didn't mean to dog her and is sorry the way it happened. Then she tells the confessional that she feel in love again. Hmmm...Scrappy got himself in a fix.

Stevie J and Benzino

They are talking about women - even Benzino is bitching like a chick about not getting Stevie's J attention.
But Stevie J want to crash at Benzino's to avoid Mimi. Benzino like a hurt bitch tells him no and he better run back to his mama - Mimi. So whatever.

Stevie J and Mimi

Steve goes back home after Benzino chucks him out. He carries some roses and Mimi tells him she's moving out.

Same old rubbish and we are going in circles. He doesn't believe her but Mimi insists she's moving he says she'll be back - same old lines as last season.

Then there is some kind of fight with a crew member - I'm not sure what happened but Stevie J is telling some dude to get his hands off him then there is a tussle.

Was he trying to stop Mimi from leaving? Anyway he finally goes to the door with his grey underpants showing but Mimi has driven off. The plot thickens.