Love And Hip Hop season 3 episode 1: Tahiry Jose, Raqi thunda act like deranged chicks over an ugly Joe Budden. Yandy Smith mothers immature Mandeecees Harris and the rest of the foolery goes on...

Another season of more irrelevant people. The show seems dry and even the fights are staged. What gets me is that a lot of the issues apart from Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena and Olivia seem stuff in the past.

Joe Budden relationship with  Tahiry Jose is old news as is Tahiry Jose issue with Raqi Thunda. It seems they are digging up the past for the stake of a story line. Because a woman as pretty as Tahiry Jose will be over him in four years. It's about fame and cashing reality show checks.

Joe 'The beard' Budden. This guy looks 32 going on 50. Don't do drugs, yo, cause it sucks your youth.  Not sure about his beard.

Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden play mind games.

Anyway this chick Tahiry Jose appears to have made-up or maybe real anger management issues wants Joe Budden back. Anger management chick and ex-junkie - what a combo. When she flipped the table that was so fake and phony.

 She seems a bit mad because she is talking like she is still going out with him. Mixed messages. Is Tahiry Jose  so desperate for exposure and a pay-check that she wants relive her relationship with Joe Budden and pretend that she wants him back.

Yandy Smith and Mandeecees Harris : child play.

Mandeecees (Yo what's with the spelling?) Harris is so immature I'm surprised that Yandy isn't breast-feeding him and wiping his ass too. He is worse than Lil Scrappy.

With the alleged allegations against him I'm not surprised because he seems mentally to be about six. And Yandy seems like his mother. She was always lecturing him like a child.

The baby shower was pretty disgraceful but then I thought it was mostly a woman's affair so I can see his point about wanting to bounce.  But really Yandy Smith - is that the father of your child? Mandeecees Harris seems barely out of diapers himself.

Rich Dollaz

Richie Dollaz is trying to make Erica Meanz upmarket but she's dumb and doesn't really understand. She doesn't understand that after doing the booty magazines it's time to upgrade to mainstream booty magazines - like Maxim magazine

Raqi Thunda and Tahiry Jose

These girls are fighting over a dead finished relationship. Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden broke up years ago and now for the sake of a check. Really. To me it looks like the Chrissy Lampkins and Yandy Smith of this season. Raqi is the 'friend' and Tahiry is the 'ex'.

 We can't blame Tahiry Jose for thinking Joe Budden and Raqi Thunda slept together some point because it's so strange. It could have just being a moment where both pulled back because there is a chemistry and closeness between them that points to that.

Olivia Longott.

Not sure why she is doing this series because I thought her career was going well. Anyway as always Olivia Longott is straight up and to the point.

You know Olivia Longott is always blunt. Now she wants to find out about Richie Dollaz and Erica Mena.

The pool side party fight.

This is a set up but I'm not sure why Tahiry Jose is so aggressive and possessive over Joe Budden - we seem to forget that he has a girlfriend as well. I'm not sure why Raqi and Tahiry have issues over some ugly man with a beard. Anyway maybe Raqi Thunda had too many cocktails before Tahiry Jose appeared and so it all kicked off.

 However these two know they are on camera to fight and it does play off because of the exposure - so what's a few bruise, cuts and thrown cocktails between getting famous.