King Beyonce, Queen Beyonce and the hustle of fame: ip-synced the American National Anthem at the President Barack Obama second inauguration.

What does it matter if she sang or not? What does it matter if she lip-synced the American National Anthem at the President Barack Obama second inauguration. What does it matter at all? Not really - it's great gossip and shows in a way how much Beyonce takes it for granted she can do everything.

The problem is that Beyonce Knowles wants it all. And she had to make difficult decisions because she wants it all. Headlining the SuperBowl and singing at the President's inauguration. What Beyonce didn't realise was in terms of patriotic duty as soon as she accepted the invitation to perform at his inauguration all others invitation fell short. Well in theory however the President's inauguration is about honour and the SuperBowl is about money!

Beyonce's Patriotic Duty 

But she wanted both hence it's alleged that she only did a couple of rehearsals with the Marine Band and knowing herself on the day decided she wanted to go the prerecorded version while singing on top. More complicated.

In reality singing for the American National Anthem for  President and her fellow countrymen and women - the American people should have been such an honour that alleged the schedule conflicts of SuperBowl shouldn't have come into at all.

Singing the national anthem at the President's inauguration is such an honour and historical event that nothing should compare because it will be written down in history.  It is sung to leader of a nation and everyone within. It's a patriotic duty to do one's best. Conflict in theory shouldn't really come into.

Beyonce Knowles - the Business woman and publicity of the Superbowl

Singing about the Superbowl is about money, power and publicity. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It's simply an opportunity she could not turn down. So she was trying to juggle it with the president's inauguration.


The only problem r the whole National Anthem  lip-syncing will go down in history books next to her name - it will be did Beyonce lip-sync or not. Not a big deal but great gossip and talking point!