Love And Hip Hop season 3 episode 3: Joe Budden Foolery, Erica Mena Foolery - the whole show of foolery just goes on

And the foolery goes on... I'm jumping in and out of scenes but it's all rubbish so what the heck!

Lore'l 'Because I'm Worth It' and Erica Mena just bitching about stuff which nobody really gets. Sorry I mean Erica bitching about stuff Lore'l doesn't have a clue.

Not covering anything about the most boring couple - Jen Pen and Con Teeth Man.

Yandy and Mendeecees .... enough said. Mendeecees seems like he's still in diapers. I'm done with this so-call relationship...

Joe Budden is still on drugs - is that why he doesn't shave? Or does he have hidden pus razor bumps rash? I think he and Raqi should just have sex! Who really cares about this contrived conversation. I guess I do that's why I watch it but it's so false.

Tahiry and her 'almost-could-have-been' mother-in-law talk about Joe Budden's drug issues.  Haven't Tahiry broken up - like three years ago? Is she like his baby mother? Who give a fuck? she wants to help Joe with his habit. Why doesn't she does leave him alone? Oh sorry, I forget she gets a check and exposure for this show.

Yandy gets some 'made-in-cheap-slave-labour- junk' jewelry show. Erica and Olivia go off at each other - sorry Erica goes off at Olivia and Olivia laughs it off.

Erica doesn't understand Olivia and Rich Dollaz have a working business relationship - hood loyalty doesn't come in to it - but Erica Mena needs to keep herself relevant as this tough talking mouth chick...

Yawn... are you bored now... so am I