Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 2: The drug addicts and more irrelevant bullshit.

 I'm keeping my reviews short and sweet - or sour and bitter. Let's face it - the show is tired, boring and full of desperate irrelevant people.

This episode is basically about drug addicts keeping clean, chicks fighting over useless men and the rest of the rubbish.

So we have Joe 'the beard' Budden crying like a baby with his Mama about keeping clean. Whatever...

The apparently his new girl Kaylin tells him her purpose is to keep in clean - hmmm...I'd rather he kept my ass in Gucci, Louie V and Prada. Not my problem a man can't keep his nose clean. That is his own fucking problem. Common he needs to grow up and be a man - not whine about drugs, craziness and wanting to be clean. Fuck him - I'm done with his pathetic ass.

Then we have Consequence 'big teeth' boy talking about some bullshit I don't even care about it. Okay, his side bitch baby momma Jen keeps whining about Con Big Teeth not giving her any cash.

 Well maybe she should use what's between her legs and walk that fancy block where they live.

Erica and Richie 'no' Dollaz is boring. She bitches about her independence to Richie while sucking his part of his anatomy. I'm done with this bs for real.

This is season of love and hip hop is Dry. Boring. Rubbish. Hustling bitches.

It's just recycled material of previous season.

Enough said.