R&B Divas Season 1 Episode 3: Keke's Labour, Nicci and Syleena bitch, Monifah tattletales to Faith Evans - and the Michael the handbag is still an issue.

The reality show foolery continues in this show. While there is no direct rachetness or behaviour there is a lot of meaningless gossip, rivalry and bad behaviour in a different way. This might be mixed up and out of sequence but do we really care? No not really because it's at the end of day we all know the story - same old, same old from Basketball Wives to Love and Hip Hop (New York and Atlanta) - females with issues only this time in R&B Divas there is not hitting, biting or bottle throwing - just pure bitchness, gossiping and bossiness under the theme of 'helping a soul' sister. I think real threapy is better only these chicks wouldn't get a check. They will have to pay the check!

Early morning breakfast with Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert

We start with show with Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert having a breakfast meeting just to bitch and gossip,  sorry, I mean talk about their concerns about Keke Wyatt. These two didn't get along in the beginning but for some reason since the fashion show they seem to be best friends forever. I'm still confused to why Nicci chose Syleena to be in her fashion show preview. Anyroad, Syleena starts off with the studio incident where both Micheal and Keke had an argument and I'm like for real?

  This is pure gossip because Sleeya wasn't even there. Okay, I agree that Keke may have been over the top but come on who doesn't have issues. Anyway the bitch, gossip and go in Keke. Nicci says that Keke needs to control her temper and one day it may turn ugly - I think they maybe refering to Keke's husband stabbing incident. I'm so over this reality women coming together to 'help' another cast member that their exact words just float over me.

 It's so Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop etc but in the end it's just gossipping.   Okay However R&B Divas take a new angle and decide they are going to help Keke. I'm like WTF. Anyway Nicci and Sleeya decide they are going to have chat with Keke. 

We get at cut back to clip where Keke is arguing with Micheal him saying it wasn't that deep and Keke yelling she didn't care if it were dreaming.

'Pat on the back' session with Uncle Jim

The girls to sing for super producer Jim who has worked with lost of famous people . They start to congratulate themselves about this charity abulm which into the third week none has really started to lay down tracks for. 

The Producer Jim is like - it's good when black women can come together in unity. Excuse me? What he is basically saying not those rachet shows were chicks are fighting for money or men. But since he lives in Atlanta I'm sure he's watched and secretlhy enjoyed Love and Hip Hop Atlanta like the rest of us.

Nicci still whining about singing not being work and her passion.

The Nicci Gilbert has a private session with another producer who tells her she needs to sing from the heart. She goes on about it not being her passion and how she doesn't really want to sing. Okay we get it, Nicci, you are just there to promote your fat chick fashion brand. CURVATO. We get it. However she does have a beautiful soprano tone and it sounds very pure.

Okay what she really said was singing is work not passion and she's just there because Faith Adams asked to be on the album. Still she has a beautiful high pitched soprano so I can see why people get on her case about not singing.

Group meeting with no Faith Adams

The girls and boy come together -Faith Evans sends her appologies for not joining them with a bottle of booze. Is Monifah supposed to be drinking after all all her addictions because she seemed might pleased at Faith's present.

 Soon enough it because all about Keke's handbag Micheal. Syleena Johnson starts to lay into Keke about having Micheal around and Keke really doesn't care. Then for some reason Nicci starts off as well. She doesn't think it's right for Sleeyna to approach Keke in that way and tells her exactly that. Sleeya starts barking then Nicci starts with the fist hammering the air. It all blows up and Nicci walks out.  Even Keke looks shocked and keep quiet.

It calms down and Syleena explains herself to Keke saying that it's only because she cares that why she wants Keke to be able at some point to leave her living, breathing Micheal handbag at home. Micheal knows better than to say anything so he keeps quiet. 'I don't want you weak, I want to empower you, With Jesus we will do.' Amen to that sister. Sounds like church - not be out done the Queen of Issues Monifah starts that she has the same issues as Keke and therapy works really well. We know Monifah - alcoholism, drugs, not bonding with child etc but we really don't care.

Keke gives her speech about not being able to function without Micheal. Last week it was because she could keep an eye on the man -now it's about her being a turle in her shell.  Finally Micheal steps in and goes all pastor-like as if he is preaching to a church and tells her he loves her for her. And he knows deep inside she can let go of the issues - otherwise he would be there - or somehtinbg like that. Anyway to me Keke doesn't really care about all this bs and will do her. Syleena is so touched that she says Micheal is an honouray Girl. Does that mean Micheal gets to stay as Keke's handbag?

This takes us the Keke and Micheal where Keke basically says - Keke will only do Keke . So many people have told her about changing but the fact it - it is hard. Yes, I agree. When the time is ready she will let go. She is honest that she'd rather not deal with her issues. To be fair as long as Micheal is a happy being a handbag then there is no real issue. People live their lives differently and who are we to try and change. It's not really about us.

 Monifah drives dangerously

At some point we have Monifah driving dangerously and irresponsibly while tattletaling or reporting to Faith  about Nicci and Syleena Johnson so called issues. The woman has a blackberry in one hand and the steering on the other.

At some point either the show or  Monifah decidesd that both Sleeya and Nicci have issues. I roll my eyes. And Monifah wants it resolved. This format is so tired I'm not sure what to say. This is the simple case. Syleena and Nicci Gilbert are both the same in way. Now you may call them strong black women but they are just stubborn, forceful, bossy (pushy) and opinionated - the only difference it the way they handle themselves.

And at some point the stupid woman lifts the steering hand to make some point - so the car is steering itself. Dangerous driving and cheap. Cheap because I don't see why she can't invest in hands free car kit. I Monifah killed some of her brain cells in her addictive moments because that was stupid.   

Faith Evans shares a Whitney Moment with Kelly Price

We cut to faith Evans in LA but to be honest she could be anywhere. She could have been in the next room filming - there is nothing to say she is in LA. She probably couldn't be with the girls but shot her bits before hand - just saying we don't really know.

We bring in Kelly Price and they have a Whitney moment and talk about some other irrelevant stuff like Kelly Price making some food and dropping vocals on the album. Now Kelly Price is an amazing singer, that I know but I'm not sure if she ever reached her true potential.

Nicci and Syleena do the issues talk

They both do the same thing but in different ways. Anyways we have this meeting which doesn't really resolve anything but there is not to resolve as both  Nicci and Syleena think they are right.

Nicci gives perfectly plausible reasons as to why she thought Syleena was wrong and I do agree with her on that. Keke is pregnant and about to give birth so it's no point dealing with emotional issues because not sure what effect it may have on her body. She has a point.

Syleena not wanting to be wrong defends herself - saying it was the right moment and because she can talk when, or where or how she wants to talk because she (Syleena) thinks she is an amazing communicator.

Okay we understand that since Syleena is such an amazing communicator (Hello Oprah) the problem must be with Nicci for not agreeing with her. I mean how can it be Syleena's fault when she is so amazing. Syleena sh$t must smell of roses too. Syleena does a Dr Jeff/Dr Phil.  At this point I switch off the show again. I don't they care that they are arguing about Keke who frankly doesn't care about her issues. We all don't care.

Both are bossy and loudmouth chick so whatever. However Syleena should really pick her moments though but who really cares once it makes good TV? I know I don't.

Monifah and Syleena  go boxing

Nothing more to be said about from Monifah swaggering in to do some punch bag sessions in a gym with Syleena who says they don't need to practice or something because they are from the hood.

 Does that mean at some point she might actually get ratchet and floor Nicci?

Keke Wyatt gives birth

This is all wrapped up around the Keke's baby's birth. She has complications at some point but the baby is healthy and the girls (Nicci, Syleena and Monifah) do a nice harmony with a Gospel Song.

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