Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 12: The Reunion Part two- Mimi and Joseline still on the same Stevie J bus, Scrappy proposes to Erica and Benzino, Karlie are still irrelevant with the rest of the other timewasters on the cast: Rasheed and Kirk

I did like this part two but that aside it was a  human freak show - a circus but instead of acrobats, fire eaters and elephants we have the Love and Hip Hop Cast members with attention-seeker executive Mona Scott as the ringside master. I'm just giving my thoughts on the show rather than a step-by-step recount.

So there are two main acts and a two side shows. So let begin.

Okay we the side shows first as a warm-up.

Kirk and Raheeda

Yawn, yawn and more yawn. This is a nickel and dime act and no one really cares. Did I care that Rasheeda pretended to be a single rapper? No. Did I care that people asked Kirk whether he hit that? No. Do I really care about these two people who are very boring and quite irrevalant on the show? No. So with three big NOs they are out. Let's move on.

Beauty and the Beast also known as Bezino and Karlie Redd.

 Benzino is wearing shades like he was some shady dude - drug dealer, pimp or covering a bad trip. Even Stevie J removed his glasses to address the issue. Anyway both are Karlie and Benzino are cold, irrelvant and out.

I just figure the whole relation was a one night stand that lasted 10 episodes. Even Karlie's poor excuse of finding him with some naked board after the non-proposal was lame. I mean even Mona asked him about the non-proposal. Please enough time wasted on these irrelevant too. Oh Benzino did say he had a carreer but didn't say what. Posing topless on twitter seems to be it. No hero just a zero!

Now to the first main act

Scrappy, Erica and Shay 

I don't really understand this whole triangle but I see there was a bit of truth to it. The secret that Scrappy would propose to Erica was already out weeks before when they did a photoshoot for a magazine.  The Scrappy and Erica engagement aside I'm going in on whole thing.  I have really gone in on Scrappy on my blog but I do have a soft spot for the young man and I feel that he just needs to grow up a bit - however entertainment is entertainment. And if you put yourself in a freak show just be prepared to perform.

Anyway Scrappy, Erica and Shay are on stage and Erica thinks that Scrappy cheats and lies just to get her attention. Scrappy says that Erica is too hard and can be mean - that she has a very mean streak. This is where I shake my head. I also shake my head when Scrappy still says that he's not a good judgement of character with women. And finally when proposing futher down adds the line  'if it lasts'. 

Oh, and what happened to the Italian man that she and K Michelle were talking about in episode 10 was that just for the cameras? Remember the sausage incident (KMichelle's words), shake my head. Some of this is true but others are just story lines created to make drama.

Anyway we learnt that Scrappy didn't really go back to Erica when he left Diamond. Not in the 'I want you back' way. Erica was just there for him and gave him a place to stay. As things went along and time passed they became a couple again. Now that can be a reason why Scrappy isn't really sure. He went in for shelter - get a roof over his head for a time and ended up staying. So he's never really sure about he wanted. 

Anyway Shay only issue was Erica taking pops at her on twitter and in blogs when it was Scrappy that lied.  This must be an very Atlanta radius because I never of Erica doing this - see how irrelevant this is. Erica continues to talk back to Shay about one scene when Shay and Scrappy were laughing at her. 

Scrappy comes in and starts with the friendship thing. Shay is not having it and tells him to say the truth and stop waving the friendship card. He does in the end and says that he was more than friends with Shay but he loves Erica and want to stay with her. He now knows Erica can show love. Emotions mess him up- he's not like Stevie J. No one is like Stevie J, Scrappy, that dude is a one-off edition. 

At some point pole dancer Mama Dee comes in. Maybe she learnt some moves off Joseline. Well she says pole dancing/hoeing has nothing to do with her being a good mother or grandmother. At some point she  puts a Burger king crown on Scrappy who is embarrassed and says he feels like a little boy whose mother bought him lunch. She tells them why she prefers Shay - Shay is more nurturing and loving than Erica.  See that is the issue folks.

We all say and know Scrappy needs to be man but in the end Scrappy will always be Scrappy. He can only do him. Erica is a lovely girl - loyal and kind still maybe her temperament may not be suited to Scrappy. We can say a millions times that he needs to mature but it's not gong to change the knuckle head.

So in a way Shay was properly better for Scrappy in terms of developing himself. Erica is a beautiful girl but the issues they had before will remain or take a long time to go away. Scrappy want to be a good man and father.  I wish them the best of luck because there may be deals also involved. Yes I am cynical but this is reality show land - where the TV is a business to make money. Smell a spin off anyone?

Anyway Scrappy said something I missed and Shay got upset at Scrappy. I'm not sure why but she walks out. I think she probably was tired of the humiliation. Then Scrappy proposes to Erica.

That was definitely good for me, Scrappy

It was a sweet moment and a surprise to her. She was so happy. The camera cut to back stage and a humiliated Shay. Mama Dee then welcomed Erica again to her imaginery castle.

As I said before is this the opening for a new spin off show? Scrappy and Erica? You sometimes it's about the checks as well as the love.

The final act are the tripled up threesome of Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi.

Where do I start? The most famous love triangle in reality show. It's still a tug of war. Mimi keeps bleating about this but she anit budging off that bus. Joseline is happy to share Stevie - there is nothing more to say or is there? Well having written a few notes why not.

Well is Stevie J still with Mimi. YES! is Stevie J still with Joseline? YES. Is is anyont of our business what they do? No however we are nosey and they did put themselves and situation on camera.  Reading between the lines both women love him and he loves them. 

Joseline is the most honest about her relationship with him. She never says she love him but her actions show. Even when she told Mimi off for talking down to Stevie J and putting him down all the time. Seems Joseline is the selfesteem police. Also Joseline goes in on Mimi for not acknowledging that Stevie J care of  her that is Mimi. But we all know Mimi very very very hurt and all this is a facade and pretence.

When asked the question - it's all about Stevie J is the father of her child so we know she is saying with him. Mimi goes crazy and says that Stevie J has done nothing for her. Hmmm... that's hard to believe. Anyway let Mimi be Mimi. Let Joseline be Joseline. 

Mimi refuses to acknowledge all this ways she was with him when he hadn't made money. Errr... Stevie J has already being in two serious high profile relationships  (Eve and Alex - Whoopi Goldberg daughter) so when exactly was this. Mimi story seems to change and so does the amount of years she's been with Stevie J.  Anyway Stevie J is a cool cat and just let the chicks talks. After all they are all allowed to  make noise on his bus. 

He says he's gone a long way in his Italian loafers - I think he means Gucci shoes. He also says he probably wouldn't have all this if he were a plumber. 

Mimi just keeps on with her defensive tactics but I'm used to her now. We all know behind the talk, screaming and shouting she wants to be with him and is staying put. Joseline is a compassionate person - possibly the hardest compassionate person - she doesn't judge and is understanding to a big degree. However she will still do what she has to do. So yes she is a shining star in that sense. What she said about her parents was huge and mature. She wants better and is a loyal person.

He is asked about his mother and this is where you see how close he is with Joseline because Joseline said she told him to see her. Okay. Stevie J has two chicks and that's it. Both love him and clearly think the world of him. None seems ready to give him up. Each have a reason: Mimi - it's the father of her child for Joseline - Stevie treated her like a person and not for what she could give him. Even her family only wanted money off her but Stevie J believed in her. They asked Stevie J about the comment he said about sending her back to the strip club but he shrugged them off as just idle talk. 

So with this rock road of rachetness I did develop an admiration for Stevie J. I've have insulted the dude but he is very consistent with who he is what and what he believes in. He wants both chicks and understands that Mimi Faust is hurt but because she still wants to be with him is undergoing this humiliation. As for Joseline - well he gave her a great gift. Self belief and not everyone is after something. He invested in her and gave her a sense of confidence that she could use her brain instead of her body. He gave her back herself pride and dignity.

Final point

K Michelle seemed graceful in the end saying about taking love first and not falling into any traps set by the show. Oh well it is off till Jan 13 but it seems BBW LA is just about to begin. Not sure if I'll watch that one.

Well that's it. Thanks for reading this!